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What Is the Impact of Moving to Assisted Living for Seniors?

It is a safe bet to state that most people associate moving out of their home and into an assisted living facility with a loss of freedom and independence. Indeed, in media depictions, such a move is sometimes linked to subpar care for those who live in the complex, as well as staff who are grumpy and do not care for their residents’ needs. So, is it any wonder that so many people may feel apprehensive about making such a move?

Suffice it to say that moving to an assisted living facility can have a significant impact on seniors, both positive and negative. However, interestingly, making such a move has a more positive impact than many people think. So, here are some of the key ways that moving to an assisted living facility can affect those who make such a move.

Improved Quality of Life

Many seniors find that moving to an assisted living facility improves their quality of life. They have access to social activities, nutritious meals, and assistance with daily tasks that they may struggle with on their own. Indeed, assisted living facilities often provide opportunities for seniors to socialize with others, which can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. Seniors can form new friendships and participate in group activities, and in  signature care homes, they will also be encouraged to go out into the community to cafes, restaurants, and the cinema. 

Enhanced Safety and Security

Assisted living facilities are designed to provide a safe and secure environment for seniors. They often have staff available 24/7 to respond to emergencies and provide assistance as needed. That means that if you or your loved one has complex medical needs, there will always be someone on call to help should your health situation take a turn for the worse.

Loss of Independence

Moving into an assisted living facility may be a difficult adjustment for some seniors, particularly those who have lived independently for many years. They may feel like they have lost some of their independence, and this can be a source of stress and anxiety. However, what needs to be noted here is that such facilities promote independence regularly, so you may find that the only real adjustments are having someone on hand to help you and having more friends to talk to.

Health Concerns

Some seniors may have health concerns that make it difficult for them to live independently, and moving to an assisted living facility can help them manage these issues. However, others may be concerned about leaving their current healthcare providers and the level of care they will receive in a new environment.

As mentioned before, in an assisted living facility, the aim is for you to retain your independence. So, you may not need to change your primary care doctors. In fact, all that is likely to happen (unless you are moving a great distance) is that you will also have a medical team onsite to help you with any health issues that may arise outside of the hours that a doctor’s practice is open for.

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