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The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2024

As we move into a new year, digital tech is still developing at an alarming pace and in the mysterious world of digital marketing, certain strategies seem to work better than others. The industry is highly competitive, as you would expect; some agencies are better than others and a few stand head and shoulders above the rest.

We did some research to discover what digital marketing strategies many Canadian businesses are adopting this year.

  • Search engine optimisation – SEO is probably the most sought-after service that a top agency like King Kong offers. They are proud to announce that page one of Google search results can be achieved within 90 days! Not many SEO agencies can make such a claim and a quick look at their client list tells you they are totally serious! The fact that millions of consumers use Google (and other search engines) to source services/products is more than enough reason to optimise your website for search engines.
  • Social media marketing – SMM is definitely a great way to spread your message and generate a large following; hire a team of award-winning social media marketers and let them take control of all your social media accounts. Facebook marketing is a complex area, despite the user-friendly interface, which is why you need to hire a leading SEO agency. The quickest way to develop a business on Facebook is to post high quality content on a daily basis; be creative and think outside the box and you can make the most out of social media.
  • Outreach blogging – This is a very efficient way to put lots of inbound links on the web, using independent blogging platforms to host articles with carefully inserted links to your landing page. The articles are written by web content writers, engaging the reader, while the links take the user directly to the client’s landing page. Imagine 6 months of 30 articles per month; you have 180 inbound links, which drives organic traffic to your landing page and the rest is up to you.

Google can take you to the website of Canada’s top SEO agency and you can make an enquiry via their site. You need to develop an aggressive digital marketing plan that includes SEO and SMM; the agency has many strategies so they can tailor the services to suit your business.

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