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How to Style a Cute Apartment of Any Size

If you have just moved into a new apartment, well done! You’re starting a new chapter in your life, and it’s amazing how much freedom you now have to decorate your home in a style that suits you and makes you happy.

Of course, with new-found freedom, there comes some anxiety too. An apartment is a small space. That can feel pretty awkward and daunting when decorating a cute apartment of any size.

We’re here to help. If you’re feeling a bit nervous about how to fill an apartment, don’t worry! We’re about to share some great tips to help you out. Ready to find out what these are? Let’s get into it:

Maximize Storage

Look for pieces that provide extra storage, like ottomans that open up to store linens, shoes, or books, or an armoire that can hold clothing, guest linens, and more. Find pieces that provide vertical storage- like bookcases and storage towers. You can also hang shelving on the walls and use it to store decorative items, books, or kitchen essentials.

Consider also using small plastic storage bins for areas like under the bed to maximize space. Choose furniture that fits into the space allotted and doesn’t overcrowd the apartment: use one stacked desk arrangement rather than two side-by-side desks. 

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Optimize Furniture Placement

Working with your interior design, arrange furniture into functional areas, such as living, dining, and sleeping. Multiple pieces of furniture can be used to separate these areas, such as a sofa plus an ottoman to separate a workspace and living room. Utilize vertical space and leave some open space to maximize the feeling of openness and create balance.

Tall artwork hung on the wall can draw the eye up, while wall shelves can store items while also adding decoration. Interesting lighting fixtures can both illuminate the space and enhance the aesthetics. 

Use Light and Bright Colors

Soft neutrals can go a long way in warming up a room, while bold pops of color, such as yellows and blues, can create visual interest and electrify a space. When using light colors, balance is key. Choose bold pieces sparingly and use light and neutrals to fill in the rest.

For an eclectic feel, pair furniture with soft geometric shapes such as circles, rectangles, and ovals, and throw in some modern art with abstract prints and shapes to add a unique touch.

Add Personal Touches and Greenery

Instead, add wall art or a gallery wall that incorporates all of your favorite items. Draw attention to one area of your apartment with a statement piece or a colorful rug. Place a few house plants throughout your apartment design. Not only will this create a more inviting feel, but it will also reduce stress levels and improve air quality.

Use mirrors to create the illusion of space and light. If you’re tight on space, use it for multiple purposes, such as side tables that may also work as ottomans or storage. 

Start Styling Your Cute Apartment Today

Decorating a cute apartment of any size isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Through proper organization and scaling, it’s easy to create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere. To kickstart the process, start small with one room and build on your ideas from there. So take the leap and start your perfect home today!

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