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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell in a Car

Do you have a smell that you’re trying to get rid of? Last year, marijuana was legalized in 34 states and Washington D.C. More people can now enjoy smoking weed, but it does have a distinct smell.

In some ways, the smell of weed is desirable, but it can become a problem when other people in the car or your home don’t appreciate the smell. It’s no surprise science has developed methods to get rid of the smell of weed in cars. 

If you need to get rid of weed smell in your car, here are a few tricks that will help you out. Take a look at this guide to learn how to get the smell of weed out of your car.

Spray an Odor Neutralizer on Your Vehicle

Spraying an odor neutralizer in your vehicle is an effective and non-toxic way of getting rid of the smell of weed in a car.  It’s easy to do and requires only a few simple steps. Begin by loosening the vents in the car and spraying the smell-neutralizing solution into the air vents and interior of the car. 

Make sure to saturate the upholstery and carpets for best effect. Allow the odor neutralizer to settle for 10-15 minutes, then turn on the car fan and let it run for a few minutes before it is turned off.

This should help disperse the smell uniformly and help eliminate the weed smell. Repeat the process whenever necessary and vacuum the car regularly for maximum odor neutralization.

Air Out Your Car

Another step to get rid of the weed smell in your car is to air it out. Open all of the doors and windows for several hours, or even a full day, to allow all the smell to escape. 

If you don’t have the option of leaving your car out in the open, then using a car air freshener can help keep odors at bay. Additionally, you can purchase a vehicle smoke eater that is specifically designed to remove smoke odors. 

Mask Odors with Air Freshener

Masking odors with air fresheners is a great way to get rid of the smell of weed in a car. First, make sure to crack all the windows to air the car out and let the weed smell dissipate. 

Once that’s done, choose an air freshener of your favorite scent or a scent that covers up the smell of weed the best. Find a central place in the car, like the vent, and attach the air freshener so it allows continuous scent throughout the car. 

If the smell of weed is still present, try another type of freshener or increase the amount of fresheners around the car. For the best results, replace the air fresheners every few weeks or when the smell of weed re-emerges.

Clip an Essential Oil Diffuser Into Your Air Vent

One way to get rid of the weed smell in a car is to clip an essential oil diffuser for car into your air vent. Essential oils are natural, plant-based aromatherapy oils that have been used since ancient times for their soothing and calming effects. They also help eliminate strong odors like weed smell.

To clip an essential oil diffuser in the air vent, simply unscrew the vent, insert the diffuser, and attach the oil of your choice to the diffuser. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the car’s air filter to help mask the smell. As the air moves through the filter, the oil’s aroma will be dispersed throughout the car. 

Sprinkle Baking Soda Inside your Vehicle

Sprinkle baking soda inside your vehicle to get rid of the smell of weed in the car. It helps in absorbing and neutralizing odors. Baking soda is relatively cheap and can be easily acquired at any local grocery store. It is important to vacuum the interior of your car to eliminate loose particles of the weed smell before you sprinkle baking soda on the floor and seats. 

Once it is sprinkled, it is best to turn on the fresh air while driving the vehicle to help circulate the baking soda.  Let the baking soda sit overnight. The next morning, vacuum the baking soda out of your car. 

Wipe Hard Surfaces with Vinegar and Water

One way to reduce the smell is to wipe down all hard surfaces with a mixture of vinegar and water. Simply mix equal parts of both ingredients and use a rag or cloth to wipe down all areas of the car where the smell may linger.  This method is more effective than just using water as it helps to break the smell of weed down and eliminate it from the area.

Additionally, you may need to shampoo the car’s carpet and upholstery if the smell has deeply embedded itself into the material. Once you’re done, air out or leave the car windows open for a few hours so the interior can properly air out.

Replace Your Vehicle’s Air Filter

A dirty filter will allow odors from outside sources, such as smoke, into your vehicle, which will linger inside the cabin. It’s easy to replace an air filter, you just need to find the filter compartment either under the hood of your car or in the cabin, which will be marked in the car’s manual. 

Once you’ve opened the compartment to replace the filtered air, detach the old one and put the new one in.  This will help maintain and filter the air that enters the car and will help keep the weed smell out. Lastly, be sure to only purchase an air filter that is the correct size for your vehicle so that it functions properly.

Learning to Get Rid of Weed Smell

To get rid of weed smell in a car can be accomplished with affordable products like baking soda and charcoal. Try these techniques to effectively alleviate any unwanted smells and freshen up your car’s interior. 

For more tips and tricks, read the rest of our blog post for more information!

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