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How To Get a Dog in GTA 5 Online?

Dogs can be cute, but they’re also great to have around. They can protect you, track down criminals, and help you find hidden treasures in games like Grand Theft Auto V. But what if you don’t want to keep the dog yourself? You can sell it to other players! In this article, I’ll tell you how to get a dog in GTA 5 online and where to sell your new pet at the best price! After all, nothing lasts forever—so make your money while you can! If you want to know how to get a dog in gta 5 online, you’re not alone! GTA 5 players are just as curious about this adorable addition to the game as you are, and it’s easy to see why! In this guide, we’ll explain how to get one in both single-player and multiplayer modes on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. Just scroll down to learn more!

How Do You Get A Dog On Gta 5 Online?

In order to obtain the dog, you need to go through the following process: 

  1. Go into Los Santos Customs 
  2. Find the vehicle of your choice and place it on the ground 
  3. Approach it and press triangle (PS3) or Y (XBOX) 
  4. Choose The Handler option 5. Exit Los Santos Customs 6. Get back into your vehicle, then take out the object that will be used as a lure 
  5. Walk around until you see an animal running around 
  6. You can now get inside your car while holding down X (PS3) or A (Xbox). If they jump in the back seat without much hesitation then they will be yours ! Repeat steps five-eight if you want more than one dog.

Why Are There No Pets In Gta Online?

In GTA Online, players are given the option of purchasing an apartment and all the amenities that come with it. One of those facilities is a pet shop. Although there are plenty of animals available, they’re not really pets as players might have expected. They can’t be fed or cared for in any way, so their sole purpose is purely cosmetic. Pets have been present in most GTA games and were one of the most anticipated features for GTA V when it was first announced. Players expected there would be many animals to adopt and care for, but this wasn’t meant to be the case this time around. 

There was speculation from the public about why Rockstar Games didn’t put pets into GTA V’s online mode. The reasoning behind this may be because they wanted to keep things realistic. If people could easily go buy a cute little puppy or kitten and bring it home, then every player on GTA Online would have at least one pet by now. That being said, maybe we’ll see pets in future installments!

How to turn into a dog and other animals in GTA 5

You can turn into other animals, including dogs, if you have the Animal Pack DLC. To do this, go to the nearest computer and type animals. You will see a list of animals you can turn into. When you hover your mouse over an animal, it will tell you how much money it costs and how long it will last for. Dogs cost $150 and stay for 40 minutes. There are three different kinds of dogs: Dalmatian, Husky, and Labrador Retriever. 

A Dalmatian has brown spots all over its body with white patches on its head, legs and tail. The husky is mostly white with brown spots around their eyes and chest area. Lastly the labrador retriever is more yellowish brown with black spots on their backs or sides. 

If you want a pet but don’t want to buy one then I recommend getting one at a shelter or adopting one from there because they are less expensive and often just as good!

Does Gta Have A Pet Store?

Yes! There is actually a pet store called Petey’s Pets. It is located inside the Los Santos Airport, on the west side of the terminal. You have to go up one level and you will see it on your left. They sell everything from dogs . The cheapest dog they sell is $500 dollars and the most expensive costs about $2500 dollars. The golden retriever costs about $1500 dollars so that would be an option for those who don’t want to spend as much money on their pets.

How many pets in GTA 5 online?

There are seven pets you can adopt in GTA 5 Online, but some of them require you to complete specific missions before they become available. You can’t just find them roaming around on the streets. The seven pets that are available to be adopted are:

  1. Dog (Male) – Unlocked after completing the Good Citizen rank 10 mission 
  2. Dog (Female) – Unlocked after completing the Good Citizen rank 20 mission 
  3. Cat (Domestic Short Hair) – Unlocked after completing the Good Samaritan rank 10 mission 
  4. Cat (Tabby) – Unlocked after completing the Good Samaritan rank 15 mission 
  5. Hamster – Unlocked after completing the Petty Thief rank 10 mission 
  6. Snake – Unlocked after completing the Petty Thief rank 15 mission 
  7. Parakeet (Yellow) – Unlocked after completing the Clean Getaway Rank 10 mission 
  8. Parakeet (Green) – Unlocked after completing the Clean Getaway Rank 15 Mission 
  9. Sparrows (Male and Female)- Unlockable by sending an email to with SPARROWS as your subject line. The male sparrow is unlocked at level 50 and the female sparrow is unlocked at level 25.


In order to get a dog in gta v, you need to first have an apartment. You can do this by going into the game and clicking on the interact button. This will put you into your character’s perspective and allow you to go on walks around the map. To find apartments, go through the menus until you find real estate. From there, all of the available properties will be shown with their prices and details. Once you’ve found one that is suitable for your needs, purchase it using money from your character’s bank account. Now, to get a dog in GTA V, go back into the menu and click on the option ‘interact’. Clicking this will place you inside your apartment so that you may walk around. Press right twice to activate the interaction menu, then click ‘pets’ followed by ‘pet store’. Now buy a dog!

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