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Effortless Aesthetics: 4 Low-Maintenance Side Yard Design Ideas We Love

Need help to commit to a full-on backyard remodel? Never fear; there are other ways to freshen up your backyard design.

Changing your side yard is one of the most helpful (and easiest) ways to improve your outdoor space. Side yard design can be simple and require little maintenance.

By focusing on low-maintenance plants and incorporating simple built-ins, you’ll be well on the way to a beautiful outdoor space where you’ll want to spend all summer.

Here are a few low maintenance side yard ideas to get you started.

1. Adding Interest and Texture With Lush Plantings

Ornamental grasses add year-round texture to the foliage of the beds and can be used to create a dense hedge. Other foliage options such as hollies, yews, and hostas bring lovely greenery. They come in various shapes and sizes, so you can pick what fits your sideyard’s design.

Choosing plants with colorful flowers, like clematis and asters, will add color bursts throughout spring and summer. Groundcovers like sedge and stonecrop can fill a divider, while adding flowering plants, like coreopsis and black-eyed Susans, can attract pollinators.

2. Unleashing Your Creativity With Edible Gardening

Vertical or wall-mounted planters allow the edibles to be accessible while taking up minimal space and adding a colorful decoration. Vertical planters are great for small areas and can be designed with different types of edibles in each box!

An easy-to-care-for herb garden is an excellent addition to any side yard. Herbs are incredibly useful in the kitchen and can serve decorative and culinary purposes.

Planting edible trees is also a great way to create an effortless aesthetic. Choose fruit and nut trees that fit your local climate and soil to ensure they will thrive with minimal care. A dependable landscaping company can help you out with this project.

3. Low-Maintenance Style With Seating Areas and Walkways

Comfort and relaxation are key when it comes to these areas. For a casual and inexpensive seating area, opt for corded stools, benches, and chairs. They are cushioned for comfort, and the lightweight materials make them easy to move around as needed.

If you’re looking for something more permanent, why not install a seating wall or bench along the side of the house? Natural stone is a classic choice for a seating area for performance and visual appeal.

For a side yard walkway, create them with pavers or gravel. Symmetrical walkways pair nicely with modern side yard landscape designs, and stepping stones can be used to add character. Be sure to include lighting to keep them illuminated.

4. Repurposing and Recycling for a Low-Maintenance Design

Reusing old furniture or materials with a few added touches can create a unique and beautiful space. An old wooden bench can be repainted with bright colors or used as is for a more rustic appeal. A wooden pallet can become a vertical garden for herbs and plants, easily attached to a wall or fence.

Old tires can be recycled and used as planters to create a beautiful wall feature. Even recycling glass bottles can provide a useful and attractive garden feature like a mosaic fountain designed with your unique style.

Try These Low Maintenance Side Yard Ideas Now

There you have it! Low maintenance side yard ideas can bring life to your outdoor space without breaking the bank. Now that you have the tips and ideas, choose one and get creative!

Invest in quality materials and get outside this weekend to kick off your project.

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