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Best Custom PC Builder Websites

Whether you need to fix up your computer or build a new one, here are the best custom PC builder websites on the internet! These websites can help you find the right parts and build your own custom PC that’s tailored to your specifications and budget, and they’re trusted sites with solid reputations in the community. Make sure to check them out if you’re looking to build your own computer from scratch or buy an already-built gaming rig or other PC.Building your own computer can be a fun and rewarding experience if you are willing to spend some time learning about the different components you need to choose from, like motherboards and processors, as well as where to purchase them. One great way to ensure that you get the best possible deal on your custom PC build is to shop online with one of the many custom PC builder websites that exist on the Internet today. The following are five of the best places you can start shopping when looking for custom PCs or PC parts online today.

Puget Systems

At Puget Systems, we care deeply about people who want the best technology in their lives. In all honesty, it is hard to keep up with the pace of Moore’s Law, but we try. Our customers rely on us to provide the latest and greatest – and we can do so thanks to our relationships with Intel and other manufacturers of computer components. With this sort of insight into the industry from both a customer service and product perspective, it is unsurprising that we have received accolades for being one of the top custom builders in the world (check out our reviews on KSL Classifieds!). Here are a few reasons why you might want Puget Systems over other custom builders:

– Hand-select your parts! Don’t worry about guessing what you need or figuring out how to assemble everything! We take care of it for you.

– You’ll get expert advice! Whether you’re an enthusiast or just getting started, we’ve been doing this for years and can offer great advice.

– We’re passionate about tech! Every member of our staff shares a deep passion for computing and helping others achieve their computing dreams.


Known as the best custom PC builder, Alienware provides quality gaming machines to gamers. This company provides a build-to-order process with expert advice to create a top notch gaming machine. The advantage of ordering through Alienware is that they can build you a machine configured just the way you want it. With customizable options and lifetime expert support, this is the best place to get your custom PC from. If you’re not sure what kind of system you need, check out their knowledge base or their blog where they discuss various hardware topics. It’s also worth mentioning that this company has won over 250 awards for design and engineering excellence so know that when you buy from them, you’re getting something high quality. Prices range depending on what components you want in your system, but you can find configurations starting at $699. When I built my own machine there was an issue with my order and customer service responded immediately to help me solve the problem which was really nice. For people who have never built a computer before I recommend using this website because they make it easy by letting you add all the parts separately rather than choosing one prebuilt configuration. If nothing on their site interests you though, I would try CyberPowerPC or Falcon Northwest which are both great companies too!

Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest has been around for over 30 years, with 30 years of experience in building high quality custom gaming computers.

One of the great things about Falcon Northwest is that they allow you to customize your entire build, meaning you can decide everything from your case type to what type of motherboard you want and how many GPUs you want inside. They also have a variety of different color schemes so you can be as creative as possible when designing your computer.

One of the main advantages when dealing with an online retailer like Falcon Northwest is that they offer a lifetime labor warranty on all their PCs, which means if anything goes wrong within the first 3 years (assuming it’s not due to human error), they will repair or replace it free of charge! You also get access to their ‘Lounge’, which gives you discounted upgrades for life and 10% off pre-built computers.

Their prices start at $1,999 but this does include some pre-built systems.

Some downsides are that there are no custom cases available and often times the customer support is less than desirable. If you’re looking for a one stop shop where every detail is customized just for you then this might not be the place for you.


-IBuyPower offers a large selection of builds, including budget and overclocking models. -If you want to save a little money but still get a lot of power, the Gamer Xtreme or Pro Xtreme series are perfect. -If you’re looking to overclock, you might want to consider their Opti-Flex 360 range. -In terms of processors, the Quad Core Processor range is more than capable for anyone’s needs. -Their graphics card lineup includes AMD Radeon HD 7970s, which should please even the most demanding gamer. -Finally, they offer Intel Core i7-3770Ks, which are some of the best processors on the market today.


It’s clear why the company is in business: They want you to have the best possible experience when it comes to building a PC for yourself or someone else. They’re just not like other builders who build PCs as if they were only going to be used once and then thrown out. With Maingear, you get an all-in-one package where they give their clients all the specs they need, set up the machine, install Windows and make sure everything works before they ship it out so that everything runs smoothly without any hiccups.

Aion computers also offers a vast selection of options so that their customers can customize every last detail of their dream machine. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-powerful gaming PC with blazing fast speeds and a gorgeous 4K display, or something more modest with your budget in mind, this builder has everything you could ever want at affordable prices.


Ozone Gaming has been operating for about three years and is one of the leading custom computer builders in the United States. Ozone also offers free lifetime technical support and warranty on all systems, so customers don’t have to worry if something goes wrong with their machine after they’ve received it. And they are more than happy to offer up suggestions and answer questions as needed. If you’re looking for the best computers out there, start your search at Ozone Gaming. They will provide you with a new machine that not only functions well but looks good too.

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