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5 Strategies to Boost Your Builder Sales Brokerage Success

Whether you’re a seasoned business broker or new to the industry, there are many ways to boost your brokerage’s sales and profitability. These include developing a marketing strategy, using social media, and expanding your network.

If a builder is starting a new development, contact them as the buyer’s agent and demonstrate your ability to sell houses. This will help you secure a larger cut of the commission.

Create a Strong Online Presence.

When you have a strong online presence, potential customers are likelier to visit your business. This is because they can find your services and products easily.

Having a strong online presence is essential for any real estate business. It helps you attract more clients and establish your brand.

Creating a strong online presence can help your builder sales brokerage business. This includes having a professional website, social media pages, and email marketing. It also means using effective SEO strategies. You can use these strategies to attract more clients and increase your business’s revenue.

Utilize Social Media

When you Google “social media for home builders,” the results yield many tips, tricks, and success stories. But many of these ideas leave home builders nervous. Buyers now have a megaphone on social media, which can be dangerous for companies unprepared to hear about a bad experience.

Fortunately, brokers can use these platforms to their advantage. Focus on posting entertaining and informative user-generated content. Avoid posting irrelevant or horn-tooting material, as these posts will turn buyers off quickly. Also, be sure to post on the platforms that your audience uses most. For example, consider using Instagram and TikTok to target young audiences. Similarly, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for attracting older audiences. To generate interest, you can also host Q&A sessions or live public house showings.

Develop a Marketing Strategy.

Brokerage marketing involves the promotion of the services a brokerage firm provides. It differs from real estate marketing, which typically focuses on promoting individual listings.

A successful builder sales brokerage must understand the builder’s and homebuyers’ needs. Both parties must be aligned on expectations, especially regarding commission structures.

One way to establish a rapport with builders is by contacting them directly. Unlike cold calling, emailing allows you to tailor your message and can be tracked for effectiveness. To get started, create a list of developers and their mailing addresses. Then, send them something memorable that reflects your brand. This will help you set yourself apart from other brokers in the area. You can also attend professional networking events and follow up with interested parties.

Reach Out to Your Network.

Having a strong network can be an asset to any business. Reach out to peers within your brokerage or a broker you admire for support and advice. Having someone to turn to for guidance can help you navigate the challenges of builder sales brokerage and improve your chances of success.

Stay in mind with your network by sending out a weekly newsletter or information emails. Include a mix of listings, neighborhood news, and expert knowledge to keep them interested. Also, attend professional networking events and connect with new construction industry guests. Bring business cards and ensure your headshots reflect your niche as a new home specialist. Ask the builders you meet about working together in the future. This will show them you are a serious broker and are not just trying to reduce their commission.

Offer a Personal Touch.

Whether you want to increase your builder sales brokerage business or offer a personal touch, you must show the builders that you are unique and dedicated. To do so, you can give a gift basket or follow up with clients via phone for their birthdays or special occasions.

Another way to impress a builder is to create brochures that showcase your experience, education and designations. Also, staying in touch with builder leads is important so they keep your name at the top of their minds. One way to do this is using an automation tool that sends emails at scheduled intervals. Another great way to stay in touch is by sending a weekly information email to your contacts. This keeps you on top of your mind and helps you stay relevant.

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