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5 Common Signs of Roof Damage From Wind

Wind storms are no fun for anyone. If you’re lucky, you only lose power for a few hours. But if you’re unlucky, everything is worse.

A negative hit from the wind can cause much more than uprooting a few trees or knocking out power. If you don’t check the health of your roof, you risk it being unsafe to be in.

There are several indicators if you saw roof damage from wind to your roof after the storm. Here are some of the most common symbols to check for when identifying roof damage.

1. Identifying Cracked and Missing Shingles

Cracked and missing shingles are the most common signs of roof damage because of wind. High winds can cause shingles to become brittle, break, or even come off altogether.

This damage can cause water to seep under shingles and into the attic, leading to wood rot, leaks, and water damage. Inspecting your roof for any signs of wear is important to identify cracked and missing shingles as a sign of wind damage. 

2. Spotting Shiny Spots on the Roof Surface

When spotting Shiny spots on the roof surface is a common sign of roof damage from wind and should be inspected by a professional. Areas of a wind-damaged roof often have discoloration, cracking, vegetation, metal corrosion, or crumbling of the surface.

Unfortunately, all these signs together can be difficult to detect without a trained eye. Thus, taking preventative measures when checking the roof surface is important, such as conducting regular inspections. 

3. Shifts and Punctures in Metal Components

Shifts and punctures in metal components can be common signs of roof damage due to wind. It is especially true for metal roofs and panels. Wind can cause the metal to shift, resulting in punctures and other injuries.

When this happens, the puncture may cause water to enter, causing leaks, damage to the roof membrane, or both. In most cases, repairing these punctures or applying patches can protect the roof from further damage. 

4. Unusual Cracking Noises From the Attic

As high-velocity winds pass by a building, they can cause serious damage to the roofing material. In some cases, this roofing damage can even cause severe structural damage. If left unchecked, this kind of damage could lead to a complete roof collapse.

If you hear this kind of noise coming from your attic, it is important to consult a professional skilled roofer like Dragon Scale Roofing to do inspection and roof repair. They will address any existing damage and ensure that your roof returns to a sound, safe condition to protect the rest of your home.

5. Look Out for Loose and Fallen Granules

When inspecting the roof for possible damage, homeowners should look for loose and fallen granules. It can be a common sign of roof damage from wind.

Fallen granules are dangerous to walk on and can block hoses and drains. These granules often originate from asphalt shingles on the roof, which can be broken or dislodged by heavy winds. Loose granules form in the gutters, the area next to the house, or the driveway.

Follow This Guide to Understand the Signs of Roof Damage from Wind

Signs of roof damage from wind can be hard to identify. If you are unsure whether the wind has damaged your roof, it is best to inspect it yourself or call a professional.

Remember always to watch for common signs of wind damage to protect your home and safety. Act now and get your roof inspected today!

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