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How to cut a pizza into 7 slices

Slicing a pizza into seven equal pieces may seem like an easy thing to do; however, this can be much more difficult than you imagine when you have never done it before or have had difficulty doing so in the past. With some easy to follow steps, you can cut your pizza into seven equal slices in no time at all!

Place your pizza on a flat surface

  1. Place the pizza on a flat surface with the seam of the crust going across. Place your fingers at two opposite edges of the pizza and hold down with pressure so that they are pressed tightly against the crust and don’t slide. The less distance between your fingers, the fewer slices you will end up with.
  2. Start slicing parallel to one of your fingers in one direction and then switch hands as soon as you get to an edge, so that each slice is perpendicular to all other ones.
  3. Make sure that both hands are always close together or else one side of the dough will stretch out longer than the other resulting in wider slices (see picture).

Fold your pizza in half

  1. Fold your pizza in half vertically so that you have two halves side by side. Take one slice and cut off the right hand section, then take the other slice and cut off the left hand section. Place these slices in their own spots on the chopping board, alternating sides so they don’t overlap with each other.
  2. Fold your pizza in half horizontally so that you now have four halves of equal size. Take one slice and make two diagonal cuts, making sure to stop at the crust but not go through it on either end of this first slice (you will see why later). Then do this for the other three quarters by doing two diagonal cuts as well, again stopping just before or after going through the crust on both ends of each piece.

To find the middle, fold your pizza in half once more

First, lay your pizza flat on the cutting board or countertop. Look at one of the corners and find where it intersects with the middle fold you made in Step One. That is the dividing line between two pieces. You’ll want to start there and work your way around the entire pie, creating an even number of pieces by cutting in half each time you reach the first fold in your dough (the intersection). Once you have done that, flip over your pie and start again on this side. Your second round will yield two more even numbered pieces and one left-over triangular piece that can be enjoyed as a reward for making it through Steps 1-7! Now that you know how to divide a pizza into seven portions, put those math skills to use with our favorite recipe: Pepperoni Pizza Lasagna Rolls.

Cut one-third of the way across the folded pizza

Put the knife on the surface of the folded dough. Press down with your hand and start cutting from the center of the folded dough, first moving in one direction, then in another. Make sure not to leave any holes or over lapping pieces at this point. At this point, it should be as if you are just trying to create seven half-moon shapes (7 sentences). Put the cheese evenly between each slice. Place them on an oiled pan or baking sheet that has been preheated for about 5 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn off oven for about 15 minutes so cheese can set and then serve!

Do not unfold your pie!

Do not unfold your pie. Slice it in half horizontally, and then vertically so that you can have 2 squares of your pie. Then slice these each vertically once more for 4 slices. Take your first square, and slice in half on the diagonal for two triangles (but not all the way through). Now take one triangle and fold it on top of the other so that they are stacked. Make sure the folded edge is close to the pointy end of the triangle, then use this as a guide to do the same thing with the other triangle on top of it.

Next take one of these folded triangles and flatten it onto your cutting board like you were flattening a pancake. It should now be rectangular shaped instead of triangular. Cut this rectangle in half lengthwise so that you now have 2 long rectangles (one inside the other). Cut each rectangle diagonally to make 4 thin triangles, and then make another stack using one piece from the bottom row and one from the top row. Repeat until you’ve used up all your pieces!

Turn it 90 degrees counter clockwise

We’re all different, which is what makes life so interesting. With every person coming from their own point of view and having their own set of strengths and weaknesses, it’s amazing how we can combine those differences in order to create one beautiful masterpiece. That’s exactly the case with cutting pizza too. But this time we’re not talking about the toppings that go on top of it, but instead the kind that goes straight onto your plate. The best way to divide up any pizza is by using a ruler or measuring tape. Simply measure the length of the crust and divide it evenly by 7. Then simply use a knife to make horizontal cuts parallel to each other along each side, without going all the way through until you’ve reached the end of your ruler/measuring tape. Now rotate 90 degrees counter clockwise, slice vertically down each row (making sure you don’t cut through), then rotate back 90 degrees counter clockwise again.

I like this way, but if you want thicker pieces do this instead

The goal is to produce seven pieces that each contain about one-fifth of the total volume of the original pie. The first step is to set aside any toppings that would normally be put on top, like olives or green peppers. To determine where each of your seven cuts will be, use a knife and ruler in combination with one another. At this point, there are two common ways you can divide your pizza: horizontally and vertically. If you decide to go with horizontal cutting, then take your knife and start by making three slices at the 3 o’clock position. Start rotating your pizza 90 degrees counterclockwise after every slice until all three lines have been made.


Using the same diagram as before, measure the length of each slice. Move the knife straight across cutting through the line at each measurement marking. With a more severe angle this time, move your knife over so that it intersects with one of the lines you just drew and cuts off half of that line. Measure again from this line down and do the same thing again to get two smaller squares. If necessary, measure down twice more, repeat steps 3-5 then use your leftover third quarter as an additional step six.

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