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How to Create a Low-Maintenance Garden for Your Rental Properties

As you can well imagine, there are some really good reasons why you would want your rental properties to include low-maintenance garden designs. Keeping control of a garden at your rental property can be a headache and a thankless task, especially if you are unfortunate enough to have tenants that do not care – or are not interested in their garden area.

You may very well feel that you are constantly fighting to keep control of it between tenants. Of course, you could hire the services of a gardener to keep on top of it for you, but this will undoubtedly eat into your profits, which for some landlords could be marginal as the investment is not in the rent but in owning the property which will be gained when it is finally sold.

You will also find that by offering a smart low-maintenance garden, your property will be rented that much faster and therefore reducing your monthly losses.

1 Property Parameters

Nobody likes painting or staining a fence and yet it is a job that will need to be carried out at least once every two years to keep your wooden fence protected from the elements and rot. However, you could save yourself the time, boredom, and expense of this regular chore by installing a composite fence that requires no maintenance other than the odd wipe-down with soapy water to keep it looking great. Of course, eComposite Products do not end at fence panels and you will find that there are far more products available to you to keep your rental properties garden low maintenance.

2 Alfresco entertaining areas

Even those individuals that are not interested in the idea of gardening will still enjoy the opportunity of eating alfresco in the garden, so offering this area is as important as the internal décor of the property in question. Of course, you can opt for composite decking for low-maintenance flooring to segregate a desirable area, as well as provide either a table and chairs or bench for your tenants to use.

3 Planting ideas

Sparsely planted gardens are not always appreciated, especially if they are not dressed correctly. However, when designed with the addition of colored stone chippings and a strict color palette, they can look striking and modern. It is important that you get the spacing of the planting correctly regimented for it to be pleasing to the eye and that you opt for a variety of textures, as different colors will be kept to a minimum.

So, to wrap it all up

It is most definitely in your interest as a landlord to design your rental properties’ gardens with a mind on maintenance as well as their aesthetics. Although you may not want total control over your tenants, providing them with a basic plan or structure to stick to will undoubtedly save you time when preparing the property between rental agreements meaning that you will be able to get it back up and ready quickly, minimizing your financial loss while the property is empty.

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