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7 Damages You Can Obtain in a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Explained

Pedestrian accident lawsuits are among the common cases handled in court. Many pedestrians get hit and injured by rowdy motorists, hence the need to seek justice. As a victim, you can file a pedestrian accident claim for the damages and injuries sustained. The damage can, however, differ. Learning the damage you can obtain as a victim before proceeding with the case is crucial. This guide explains more.

Medical Bills

Getting injured after a pedestrian accident also means seeking proper medical attention. While getting treatment is important, the cost can be unbearable after a while. In your pedestrian accident lawsuit, you can obtain damages related to the medical bills and expenses incurred. With proper legal help, getting compensated and getting proper long-term medical care remains possible. Let your lawyer make estimates of the damage depending on the nature and extent of injury sustained before proceeding with the lawsuit.

Property Damage

If, as a pedestrian, you damaged and lost your property after the accident, you can file a claim to get compensated. Property damage, in this case, can be in the form of mobile or laptop damage or loss due to an accident. Anything in your possession that gets damaged after a pedestrian accident still counts. After discussing with your pedestrian accident injury attorney, you will understand what you can consider and include property damage before filing your lawsuit.

Loss of Income

If the accident rendered you jobless and incapacitated and you lose your source of income, you can file for a compensation claim. Getting disabled due to a pedestrian accident means you can’t provide for yourself and your loved ones. This validates your quest for justice. The hired lawyer should help you create a valuation and estimate the damage before submitting your case file. Getting compensation for loss of income will help you handle related financial needs.

Physical Pain and Suffering

You can obtain damages for physical pain and suffering after a pedestrian accident. This is a genuine course that your lawyer should help you pursue. Getting hit by a car as a pedestrian can result in unbearable physical pain and suffering. Dealing with the pain can also render you helpless and lead to loss of income. You find it hard to work or relate with your loved ones while in pain.

Emotional and Psychological Distress

Many pedestrian accident victims get traumatized after an incident. They find walking or using the road hard due to fear of getting hit by a rowdy motorist again. This psychological distress and trauma lowers their functionality and productivity at home and the workplace. With reduced productivity comes low income or job loss. It is prudent that your lawyer helps you fight for and obtain compensation for the damage.

Loss of Consortium and Companionship

You can file for compensation if you lose a loved one after a pedestrian accident. As the remaining family member, you have the right to seek justice and fight to obtain compensation for the damage. This is especially if the deceased provided for and cared for their family. As the remaining family member, you get compensated for the loss, stress, and psychological distress.

Punitive Damages

If the court finds that the actions that led to the pedestrian accident are negligent and intentional, the victim gets compensated for the damages. You can obtain punitive damages after the court conducts its investigation and comes to that conclusion. Besides compensation, obtaining punitive damages is one way to punish the wrongdoer and set an example to other motorists with similar behaviors.

While pedestrian lawsuits can be hectic, it is one of the best ways to get justice for the damages and injuries sustained. With proper legal help, as a victim, you achieve your objectives effortlessly. Learning the damage explained in this guide will help you determine a proper course of action.

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