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Which Parts of London Are the Most Prosperous for Businesses?

Whether you are looking at relocating your business to London or starting up, you will need suitable premises. Not all areas will be beneficial to your industry. There are areas in London that are more prosperous than others, which can be highly beneficial to your business plans and the target audience you are reaching. When looking at the parts of London, always consider the amenities and facilities on offer and take into consideration your needs and requirements.


Mayfair is a prestigious location that is in London’s West End. It is known as the wealthiest area of London. It is just a short walk from Hyde Park, and it is known for its shopping just as much as its bars and restaurants. In Mayfair, you are accessible to other areas of London while still maintaining an exclusive postcode. When you are looking at Mayfair offices to rent you can guarantee that you will be looking at attractive and iconic buildings that are steeped in history. Mayfair is known to many as the home of wealthy individuals and businesses. This prestigious location will have a national and international reach that will be beneficial to your business.

London Bridge

If you are running an advertising or media business, you may well want to look at London Bridge. It was previously known as the home of financial and accountancy businesses, but this is changing. London Bridge and the Southwark area are known for famous and iconic buildings such as the Shard. The name is attractive to visitors and to businesses, and the area is home to some large names in all industries. For example, HSBC and Aljazeera have their headquarters here, as do Nutmeg.

Consider The Industry You Are In

There are some areas and boroughs in London that are better suited to certain industries or sectors, or they are at least well known for housing particular industries. For instance, when you think about London Bridge, you are likely to think about the consulting businesses that are based there. When you look at Whitechapel, you may be aware of the gaming and media businesses that are located within the many buildings and offices. Look at the type of business and industry you are in, and see where you would fit in. When you are grouped together with similar businesses, you will find that footfall (should this be required) will be greater.

Selecting the Right Area for Your Business

To get the best base for your business, you need to establish what your requirements are. Is the cost per square foot (or meter) a consideration? Or are you more concerned with the type of building you want to lease or rent? For instance, if you are looking at an office, you will want to look at Mayfair. However, if you are looking at a store or other type of premises that perhaps requires storage, you would be better off looking at locations just outside of the City. 

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