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When to Visit the ENT Over Chronic Blocked Ears

Did you know that 1.5 billion people have hearing problems worldwide?

Chronically blocked ears are an ongoing problem for people. This condition can create a range of symptoms, from hearing loss to dizziness, ringing in the ears, and trouble communicating.

If you have chronically blocked ears and don’t know when you should see an ENT, we can help. Keep reading to learn more about this issue and when to visit the ENT over chronically blocked ears.

Ringing In The Ears

When it comes to ear ringing, the most common underlying cause is a blocked ear. This may be a chronic condition for some people, with the symptoms returning intermittently. In such cases, visiting an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist (ENT) as soon as possible is best.

An ENT doctor can help to identify the cause of the blockage and provide advice and help in treating it. Depending on the underlying cause, blocked ears treatments may include medications, surgery, or alternative therapies.

They may also suggest lifestyle changes that can help relieve symptoms. Visiting an otolaryngologist makes it possible to return to a more normal quality of life.

Muffled Hearing

Visiting your ENT for blocked ears should happen if the individual has difficulty hearing or has persistent mild to moderate “muffled hearing.” It is best to see the ENT if the muffled hearing is interfering with the individual’s daily activities, such as being able to communicate with others, or if the blocked ear has been present for over one week.

Even with mild or moderate symptoms, if the individual cannot hear, an ENT should still be consulted as soon as possible. The ENT can determine if there is a medical cause for the blocked ear and provide the proper treatment.

If a visit to the ENT needs to be postponed due to other circumstances, such as travel, rest, or any other reason, then proper steps should be taken to ensure no worsening of the blocked ear.

Plugged Sensationmed

When dealing with chronically blocked ears, visiting an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist is best. This is especially true if you have been experiencing a plugged sensation in your ear, which can be associated with a build-up of wax or even an infection.

An ENT specialist can assess your ear and decide the best action. This could include the removal of any blockages using a particular type of syringe or a simple procedure called ear micro suction, where a thin suction tube gently removes any built-up wax.

Sometimes, the ENT may refer you for imaging tests or further examinations to rule out other causes, such as sinusitis or Eustachian tube dysfunction. Therefore, it is best to visit an ENT if you are dealing with a plugged sensation in your ears or if you experience chronically blocked ears.

Medical Treatment For Blocked Ears

If you have been dealing with chronically blocked ears for an extended period, it’s time to visit the ENT. An ENT can diagnose and treat ear conditions, eliminating pain and improving hearing health.

Don’t ignore chronic ear problems. Make an appointment with an ENT now to get the needed treatment.

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