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What Is the Disney Vacation Club? Cost, Benefits, and More

You’ve always dreamed about having a magical vacation at Disney. You’re fired up and ready to book it, but do you know the ins and outs of Walt Disney’s legacy these days? Do you know what is the Disney vacation club?

This might be new territory for you, which is why we’ve written this quick guide. We want to help you get the inside scoop before you make your dream trip.

Here are some Disney Vacation Club cost benefits.

Introduction to the Disney Vacation Club

DVC allows members to pre-purchase either points or directly purchased/rented vacation accommodations each year at Disney destinations. Points can be used for additional hotel nights, cruises, onboard experiences, and theme park tickets at Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise Line.

Members can also access exclusive discounts on dining, shopping, and other activities when they visit Disney. DVC members can reserve and plan trips years in advance with more flexibility, as the cost of points never expires. 

Cost Structure

The cost of purchasing a DVC membership is based on fixed points that follow a cost structure set when you join Disney Vacation Club. Initial purchase costs vary depending on the number of points that a member chooses to purchase and the time of year when the membership was purchased. 

Members can use their points as currency to shop, dine, and cruise on Disney ships. For longer stays, DVC members enjoy access to villas and suites at select Disney sites. 

Benefits and Advantages of the Disney Vacation Club

There are many benefits of Disney vacation club. You can save through discounts on accommodations, travel arrangements, tickets, and other park amenities. The membership fee and maintenance costs are due annually, and the savings can add up over time.

Here’s a list of the benefits that you can take advantage of with DVC. 

Access to All Disney Vacation Club Resorts

You are able to enjoy the best of what Disney Vacation Club has to offer with unlimited access to many different lodging options. It will also include dining and recreational activities and discounts on various attractions.

DVC members can partake in some amazing experiences that non-members cannot. It includes being a part of Disney insider events and receiving tours of the resorts. 

More Vacation Options

With DVC, you’ll have access to more than 200 vacation destinations around the world. Whether it’s a remote quiet beach, a bustling city, or one of DVC’s numerous Disney Resorts, members will enjoy access to exclusive Disney adventures and year-round attractions. 

Exclusive Member Experiences

Members get access to exclusive Member Appreciation Events. This includes discounts off of select annual pass options and Member Perks that include discounts at park shops and restaurants. It also includes extra FastPass+ times. 

They get access to exclusive discounts and offers on cruises, Adventures by Disney, and select runDisney events. Being part of the Disney Vacation Club really makes the memories last a lifetime. 

Tips for Maximizing Cost Savings

As part of membership, members have access to flexible payment plans and points are granted each year for every vacation spent at a DVC Resort. There are also discounts available for guests at participating partner hotels. Tips for maximizing cost savings when using a Disney Vacation Club membership include

Shop for the Best Rate

Compare prices between different stores and online retailers. See if they offer deals such as discounted rates if you buy in bulk, if you decide on buying DVC direct vs resale, or discounts if you pay with a certain type of card. Check for coupon codes from manufacturers and vendors.

Some may offer better discounts than others, so it’s important to search multiple sites for the best price. Make sure to read the fine print to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of each deal. 

Utilizing Flexible Payment Plans

Look into how long the terms are and if setting up any automatic payments can reduce any overall costs. Consider if there is an opportunity to use any loyalty points, rewards, or cash back. See if there are any additional discounts or promotions available when making payments.

Review any annual and/or setup fees and compare them to other companies offering similar payment plans to make sure it is the most cost-efficient route. Consider if an installment plan versus a lump sum payment would be the most beneficial to savings. 

Take Advantage of Discounts

Look for coupons, promotional codes, or special offers that can help you save, as they can provide great value. Try to take advantage of loyalty programs offered by stores and brands that you purchase products from regularly.

This will allow you to accumulate points and rewards that can be used to save money while shopping. Don’t be afraid to ask if a store offers any special discounts or promotional offers, as they can sometimes be willing to work with you in order to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Make Advanced Reservations

Early reservations qualify you for discounts, special offers, and complimentary extras. Booking early can earn you extra discounts at your resort and at select dining locations. When your reservations are confirmed, you can monitor the offered discounts over time and adjust your plans accordingly.

Consider booking flights and car rentals through Disney or other special services and ask about discounts for groups of all sizes. Even if plans change, you can contact Disney for changes or cancellations and apply any pre-paid funds to future trips. 

Steps to Become a Member

Becoming a DVC Member is an easy four-step process. First, you must complete the enrollment process to become a member and validate your DVC membership. Second, you’ll select your desired Resorts for vacation stays.

Third, you’ll choose the type of membership and payment plan that best suits you. Fourth, you’ll manage and redeem points for stays. DVC membership rewards are considerable with special benefits, exclusive experiences, and discounts only available to members. 

What Is the Disney Vacation Club Benefits and Why Not Miss Out on It?

What is the Disney vacation club benefits and what it offers are unlike any other. The great thing about the DVC is that it allows you to travel to multiple theme parks and resorts and save tons of money over time, not to mention the discounts and rewards members get.

With all that, there is no doubt that DVC is an amazing choice for anyone looking to vacation with a large family or group of friends. Join now and start planning your next Disney Adventure!

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