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What is national honor society

National honor society has several different meanings, but it always refers to an organization that recognizes academic achievement and encourages good scholastic citizenship among its members. These societies usually offer service and leadership opportunities along with the other benefits they provide to their members. Not all high schools recognize national honor societies, but any school that does would like their students to become involved in these organizations. Each year, seniors who perform well academically may be nominated by faculty members to apply for membership in a local chapter of an honor society.

National Honor Society – Definition

National Honor Society (NHS) is an academic organization for high school and middle school students in America. Its purpose is to recognize and encourage scholarship among high school students. In addition, it promotes service, leadership, character development, citizenship, and involvement in extracurricular activities. You must be elected by your peers to join NHS. That means that you are recognized as a student leader by your fellow students as someone who has demonstrated excellence in scholarship or leadership or both. Students can only be members of one National Honor Society per school year because NHS confers different levels of recognition depending on their specific regional group. For example, a membership in NHS at Region 1 would not grant you membership into another region’s society if you change schools.

National Honor Society – History

The National Honor Society (NHS) was established in 1921 by George Washington High School, in New York City. It was formed to recognize students who showed a high level of scholarship and service to their schools and communities. Originally called The Order of Quill and Dagger, it was renamed National Honor Society (NHS) in 1934. Over 4,000 high schools across North America now participate in NHS activities. However, not all these schools have a chapter associated with it. Whether they do or not may depend on how large their student body is, whether they are part of a school that has multiple programs for different grades/classes or just plain tradition. If you would like to start an NHS chapter at your school, visit the website of the Association of College Honor Societies for information about starting one up.

National Honor Society Benefits

It provides a way for students to develop leadership skills. It teaches them about community service and civic engagement. They will earn a scholarship upon graduation, but only if they maintain good grades in school. They have great opportunities to network with successful adults who might help them get their foot in the door once they enter college or even start a business of their own someday. In general, NMS chapters are well-connected on campus and can offer up extra opportunities that your typical student might not be able to grab otherwise, especially when it comes to leadership roles. Some colleges may require NHS membership as part of the application process. Additionally, there are many scholarships out there specifically for NHS members.

How to Get Into NHS?

One of two things often comes to mind when thinking about National Honor Society (NHS): I’m too young, or I don’t think I qualify. NHS may seem more like an elite club that accepts only those of high achievement. The truth is, however, that almost any high school student can join NHS with a little bit of effort and commitment. Here are some tips on how to get into NHS. There are four basic requirements for membership: community service, academic excellence, character/leadership skills, and extracurricular activities. All students should participate in at least one activity per requirement to be considered for membership. For community service, students can volunteer at the hospital or senior center; be part of a scouting troop; raise money for a charity; do pro-bono work as part of their job in the summertime; mentor younger children in an after-school program; etc. Academically, students can do well in courses such as AP classes and honors courses. Character-wise, it helps to have good grades overall, but also show initiative and willingness to help others. Leadership skills are best shown through participation in clubs or organizations during lunchtime or after school. Finally, extracurriculars show dedication to other interests beyond academics by being involved in activities such as sports teams or theater productions.

Sample Requirements for Potential Candidates

Promoting a culture of scholarship and service at your school, members of National Honor Society (NHS) must maintain at least a 3.25 GPA throughout high school and engage in at least one community service project every semester. Candidates for membership must also receive approval from their home school as well as from their district’s board of education. NHS chapters typically host a variety of social events throughout the year, including fundraisers and guest speakers. To recognize achievement, students are recognized during an annual banquet each spring by administrators, teachers, family members and community leaders. The requirements for candidacy can vary slightly depending on the local chapter. But there are some general rules that apply to all:

-The member needs to have an overall GPA of at least 3.25

-Member needs to complete at least 1 hour of community service work per semester

-Must be approved by his/her principal

-Must be approved by district’s board of education

Steps to Join National Honor Society

Who can be a member? Any student who has excelled in high school may apply to be a member of NHS. It’s open to any student across all grade levels, as well as all different types of schools. There are many ways for students to demonstrate excellence in and out of their schoolwork, and it’s up to each school district how they decide to define what those qualifiers are. For example, one region might require students to have an average GPA above 3.0 and maintain their grades throughout high school; another might use weighted GPAs based on which classes they take throughout their academic career; still another might look at things like class ranking or AP exam scores (if applicable) or consider candidates’ extracurricular activities and community service work. All the steps vary by district, but the qualification requirements don’t need to be overly strict — simply something that sets your candidate apart from other applicants. Some districts will also put students through interviews or hold events where they’ll get to know the potential members before making a decision. The application process varies by district too, but usually involves filling out paperwork, getting letters of recommendation from teachers and/or counselors and submitting an essay about why you think you should be part of the organization


A National Honor Society (NHS) chapter consists of ten students, a faculty advisor, and a sponsor. The NHS committee meets during lunch once every two weeks to discuss projects, upcoming programs, fundraisers and other activities that take place throughout the school year. In addition to contributing in classrooms and at athletic events, NHS chapters often raise money for community organizations such as local charities or schools. To be eligible for membership in NHS, students must meet GPA requirements of 2.5 or higher; maintain a record of good citizenship; accept appointment as leaders in their schools; and complete one hundred hours of service to their schools or communities during their high school career. When considering whether or not to join an organization, it’s important to keep in mind what you want out of your involvement. Take some time to explore all your options before committing to anything. Think about how your decision will affect you both now and later on down the road!

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