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What is Considered Profound Hearing Loss

Have you been in an awkward situation where people keep asking you to repeat yourself? Profound hearing loss can affect people in different ways.

When you are busy in a crowded place with too many sounds, you may not be able to hear much.

This is when a hearing aid can come into play. Here is everything you need to know about severe to profound hearing loss and how to cope if you are hard of hearing.

What Is Profound Hearing Loss?

Most people have normal hearing. If you have normal hearing, you will hear everything people around you can listen to. This can include friends talking to you or even quiet noises like a whisper someone throws from a few feet away.

Depending on your room and the number of people around you, you can hear a pin drop.

Although people with normal hearing can listen to almost anything, many people with severe to profound hearing loss cannot even hear mosquitoes buzz, leaves rustle, or the sound of someone breathing.

You are considered to have a normal hearing if you have no more than 25 decibels of hearing loss. Mild hearing loss can range between 25 and 40 decibels.

This is when someone may not realize that they have a hearing problem. Especially if they hear everything when they go closer to the source.

If you have mild hearing loss, you may not be able to hear a refrigerator humming, water babbling, or people whispering.

Severe to Profound Hearing Loss

The people who are struggling with moderate to severe hearing loss can be between 56 and 70 decibels. This is when a person can have trouble hearing their loved ones speak.

It can become depressing when you cannot participate in social events. You may struggle to listen to a dishwasher running, people talking at an average volume, and even the sound of people laughing.

Profound hearing loss is anywhere between 91 and 100 decibels. This is the highest form of hearing loss, so you may struggle to cope without a hearing aid.

Check out this hearing aid for sale to embrace the beautiful sounds of life. People with profound hearing loss can expect to spend most of their day in silence, even if the world around them is bustling.

Some extreme booms like lightning or fireworks may be heard a little, but those with profound hearing loss cannot hear when someone is shouting at them.

Even motorcycles riding by can be a silent affair for someone with profound hearing loss.

Best Hearing Aids for Profound Hearing Loss

If you think you are coping with profound hearing loss, you should get your doctor to check your hearing to confirm.

You may also need to see an ear-nose-throat doctor or an audiologist to help with treatment.

However, the best options are hearing aids or cochlear implants to help you hear more sounds in your world again. If you enjoyed reading this hearing aid guide, check out some of our other posts.

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