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Ways Discord Won’t Open? Here is How You Can Fix

Whether you’re having trouble opening Discord on your PC or Mac, or running into some kind of error when trying to get into the app, there are plenty of things you can try to fix the problem. Thankfully, there are also many solutions that can work if Discord won’t open on your phone or tablet! Here are the most common solutions that have helped other Discord users get around their issues and start using the app again. Read them all, and then give one a try to see if it works!

What is Discord?

Discord is a text and voice chat app that is aimed at gamers. It has the capability to combine up to ten different servers into one in order to make it easier for you to find others with similar interests. It has many features that are meant for video gamers such as live-streaming capabilities and an in-game overlay. Discord also allows developers to provide users with notifications of new versions or content updates by enabling these options in the developer dashboard. As mentioned before, Discord was built with gamer’s convenience in mind and can also be used for coordinating what games you would like to play online together. All you need are your gaming username, server name, and game.

Pros of discord

Discord offers a free texting service that is quick and easy to use. As well as an app on your computer and phone, which makes it easy to access when out in the field or commuting on the bus.

It also has a wonderful screen sharing function that allows you to get video updates on what your friends are doing. And lastly, it has an integrated voice chat so you can talk to them too!

Close the app.

There are two key things you can do when Discord won’t open: restart your computer and close the app.

If your computer isn’t working, you might be able to fix it by just restarting it. Press the power button on your keyboard for about three seconds until your PC powers down completely, then press it again until you see a blue screen with a little mouse cursor. A loading bar will appear in the top left corner of your screen.

After that, select Start Windows Normally or press Enter on Windows 10 computers to start them up again. If this doesn’t work, try pressing F8 repeatedly after the blue screen to enter the advanced startup menu options which might allow you to get into Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking more easily.

Update your version of the software.

  1. Check for updates by opening the Help menu. If there are any updates available, you will see a prompt to update on your screen. Just hit Update.
  2. The other possible solution is to update your computer’s Windows or Mac OSX operating system to its latest version. Update macOS via App Store; while update Windows via Settings > Update & Security > Check for Updates and install them if any are found.
  3. Change the proxy settings in your internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Go to Menu > Preferences > Advanced and uncheck the ‘Use proxy server’ box under HTTP proxy setup section on a Mac; while go to Tools > Options in Internet Explorer on Windows.

Delete the software and reinstall it.

Open the trash bin. Look for Discord.app and delete it. Then, empty the trash can again (or close it). Now, open the App Store on your computer or phone and search for Discord. Download and install the app again. Launch Discord to see if this fixes your problem! If you still have issues, try these steps: 1) make sure that you are using the latest version of MacOS; 2) remove any software that might be blocking files; 3) run a virus scan; 4) log out of all accounts and log back in.

Check if you have sufficient memory on your device.

That may sound strange, but a lot of people don’t realize that their computer’s memory or RAM might be too full. If your computer has limited memory, it can’t store all the information it needs to access smoothly and you’ll experience something like what we’re talking about here. So take a look at how much memory you have and make sure you can close some programs that are using up RAM if necessary. Sometimes, older devices (like laptops) will also have this problem because they just don’t have as much space to work with.

Update the latest apps or reboot your phone before opening Discord again.

Clear out disk space in your device by removing apps not in use.

Uninstall all recent updates and perform a clean install.

First, go to the Start menu, search for appwiz.cpl (without quotes), and press enter to open up your Programs and Features. On this window, you should see a list of all the programs that you have installed on your computer. Scroll through the list until you find Discord Client or any recent updates to it. If you see one, right-click on it and select Uninstall from the dropdown menu that appears. After it finishes uninstalling, re-download the latest version of Discord from their website and install as usual.

If none of these fixes help, contact customer support

If your problem persists, there are a few steps you can take. First, check to see if your software or drivers need an update. If so, be sure to install them before trying anything else. Next, try running the computer in Safe Mode and then running the Discord program again. This will also give you a chance to clear out any malware or other viruses that might be blocking the program from opening correctly.

Final thoughts

If you are having trouble opening the Discord app, there are a few things that you can do to fix the problem. Start by restarting your device and checking for updates for both the iOS and Android versions of the app. This will refresh your device’s cache files to make sure everything is working properly. Try logging in with a different account or through a different internet connection and check if that helps anything. For most issues, rebooting your device will be enough to get back into discord so try this first before following any of these other steps. Sometimes it just takes some troubleshooting on your end to make it work!

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