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Upgrade your Adventure Quotient with these 2 Cool Accessories

An outing without the essentials is difficult, but if you’ve got a nice hip pack to do it for you, things become a lot more fun and easier. The Apidura Backcountry Hip Pack is a nice way to enhance your carrying capacity without hurting your back.

It has an attractive design with a fully-waterproof feature that doesn’t let water or any other liquid ruin your stuff.

TheApidura Backcountry Hip Packcan also be used as a camera bag for easy access or keeping any stuff that will serve you on your journey without making things too complicated for you. It’s made of high-quality materials which are breathable, waterproof and durable.

It’s affixed with internal and two external convenient pockets for snacks and tools whenever you want them.

The waist strap of Apidura Backcountry Hip Packhas an elasticated velcro tab along with a secondary secure buckle to give you a perfect fit according to your waist.

Now let’s move to the Redshift Shockstop PRO Suspension Seatpost, which is a lighter and more advanced version of the popular shockstop suspension post.

It has a minimal and attractive design which complements the aesthetic of modern gravel, road, and e-bikes.

The Redshift Shockstop PRO Suspension Seatpost promotes faster and more comfortable riding by reducing fatigue and strain.

It absorbs the nasty noise of gravel riding, along with providing a firm foundation, thanks to its special elastomers.

The Redshift Shockstop PRO Suspension Seatpost keeps you in total control and focus during your ride leading to minimum energy consumption after the ride.

Some more benefits:

  • It has ultra-sleek styling and more than 25% weight reduction letting you be a racing pro.
  • It reduces fatigue from vibrations and bumps, letting you push your riding limits.
  • It lets you ride faster by utilising the energy you consume to suspend your body forward.
  • It lets you cruise over obstacles and maintain great control.
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