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Types of Meteorites

Ever wondered about the best ways to get into the hobby of meteorites? 

When you’re getting into the hobby of meteorites, it’s important to learn about what types of meteorites are the best ones to purchase. Not all meteorites are alike, and certain types of meteorites are better than others.

Then be sure to check out this guide as we go over the must-know meteorite types.

Iron Meteorites

Iron meteorites are a type of meteorite that consists mainly of iron and nickel. They are believed to come from cores of planets or asteroids that have been shattered due to collisions in space. Most of them were created prior to the formation of the planets in our solar system.

Iron meteorites are considered to be one of the oldest and best-preserved samples of material from the early solar system. These meteorites are composed largely of an iron-nickel alloy called kamacite. 

Stone Meteorites

Stone meteorites are formed due to the impact of asteroids, similar to those found in the asteroid belt orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. They differ from their two counterparts, iron meteorites and stone meteorites, due to their composition.

Stone meteorites are made up primarily of rocky fragments. This includes minerals such as olivine, pyroxene, chrome diopside, plagioclase feldspar, and magnetite. Not only that, but they are often also rich in water, which can be detected when the meteorite is melted down. 

Lunar Meteorites

Lunar meteorites are meteorites that originated from the moon’s surface. These meteorites are relatively rare, with fewer than 300 known specimens in existence. When a meteoroid from another part of the Solar System collides with the Moon, pieces of the Moon are sometimes dislodged and ejected into space.

These pieces, or lunar meteorites, are eventually pulled into Earth’s atmosphere and land on our planet. Lunar meteorites can vary in composition, though most are composed of about forty-five to sixty-five percent plagioclase feldspar, with pyroxene and olivine giving the rest of the composition. 

Chondrites Meteorite

They are made up of small, rounded grains and often come in a variety of colors. Chondrites are believed to be some of the oldest materials in the Solar System, and it is possible that they are direct remnants of the protoplanetary disk of the early formation of the Solar System.

They are largely made up of silicate minerals and metal-rich compounds and are divided into two groups: H and L chondrites, based on their chemical and isotopic compositions.

Campo Del Cielo Meteorite

Campo del Cielo was first discovered in the Chaco Province of Argentina in the year 1576. Since then, many other specimens have been found scattered throughout the area. It is believed that Campo del Cielo meteorites fell to Earth in a shower around 5,000 years ago and contain some of the oldest known materials in the solar system.

Despite its age, a Campo del Cielo meteorite is considered some of the most beautiful and well-formed irons on Earth. They have broad appeal due to their nickel-iron abundance and the high levels of exotic trace elements they can contain.  

Explore Everything About Meteorites

Meteorites are an interesting, diverse, and ever-growing field of study. From impacting Earth to floating in outer space, meteorites come in many shapes, sizes, and compositions. As the exploration of meteorites continues, so too does the knowledge, information, and excitement available to those who are curious and driven to learn. 

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