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The Essential SEO Checklist for eCommerce Websites

If you’ve got an online store, why are you not ranking in the search engines? We’ve overhauled and fine-tuned thousands of eCommerce sites implementing their SEO checklist.

Here’s an e-commerce SEO checklist that will help get you started. Read on to learn!

Optimize Your URLs

To increase crawl ability, the URLs should be organized, easy to read, and keyword-focused. Your URLs also should contain exact match terms that are looking for.

It’s important to keep the URLs as simple and clean as possible rather than using a URL structure that is overly complicated. To improve the user experience and increase your chances of higher ranking, avoid long and confusing URLs by removing unnecessary characters. 

Optimize Page Titles 

Optimizing page titles is a vital part of SEO for any eCommerce website. It is the first look that customers have at the website, and as a result, page titles should be well-crafted and accurate.

For example, page titles should reflect the page’s content and succinctly summarize it in the most technical language possible. It should also only be 55-60 characters long to make sure they are easy to read and won’t be truncated in Google’s search engine results.

Focus On On-Page SEO 

It is important to take the time to create an effective OnPage SEO checklist. It ensures that all of the essential elements are in place, this includes:

  • Optimizing page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Headings and content
  • Page speed
  • Internal linking
  • Image optimization
  • Keyword research and creation
  • URL structure
  • Sitemap optimization

Taking the time to create a comprehensive and up-to-date SEO checklist can help to ensure that each page on a website is properly optimized for search engine rankings.  

Leverage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews provide a valuable resource for websites looking to improve their on-page SEO strategies. It gives insight into what customers think about a particular product or service, and this information can then be used to optimize the website content for search engines.

It also serves as a direct source of user-generated content that can further improve the website’s rankings in search engine results. Encouraging customers to leave reviews can go a long way towards improving the online visibility of e-commerce websites as well as driving more traffic and generating higher e-commerce sales.

Generate Relevant Backlinks 

Staying abreast of web trends and customer feedback helps to keep content relevant and informative. Utilizing the right strategies to gain customer reviews can also pay dividends when it comes to building links.

This relationship is at the core of an effective e-commerce SEO strategy. Quality and interesting customer reviews can be immediately sharable and embedded as part of a larger effort of ranking keywords. To boost your business with effective SEO strategies, look here for more!

Learn More About E-commerce SEO Checklist Today

Overall, following this e-commerce SEO checklist will help to ensure that your website is effectively and efficiently optimized for search engine visibility.

Keeping the fundamentals in mind, you can ensure that the right people are finding the right things when they search. Take the first step today and get your store SEO-ready!

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