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The Complete Guide to Remote Work Management for Small Businesses

The work-from-home revolution isn’t stopping, as almost 30% of work done in January 2023 was remote. The average employee is also able to save 70 minutes of commuting time each day because of this.

Since 2020, working from home has continued to be a popular choice. More people than ever before are working remotely instead of going into the office.

Remote work management has also become more important because of this. Managing a remote work schedule is very different from an in-person schedule.

Keep reading to find out how remote work management works.

Have Online Chats

Working from home can be quite isolating for a lot of people. That is why it is so important to take advantage of online chat technology.

There are so many different chat apps that allow you to add your team members. You can have remote team meetings here or allow everyone to chat back and forth.

This helps to create an atmosphere that is inviting and inclusive. Everyone will be able to interact like they would if they were working face-to-face.

You will need to make sure that you set clear standards for communication. It should be kept clean and polite with your company culture in mind at all times.

Take Advantage of Video Technology

Remote work management should also include video technology. This can be used for remote team meetings so that your employees can see each other.

A big part of creating a good work environment is face-to-face interaction. You may be working separately but seeing each other is a great mood booster.

There are all kinds of technology now available that makes this very easy. You can have one on one meetings or group meetings to which everyone is invited.

Keep in mind that if you have employees in different time zones, this can make it a little more difficult. Another thing you should take advantage of is virtual business address options.

This allows you to have your small business online with its own distinct address. This makes it easier to find and allows it to appear more professional.

Offer Plenty of Support

Starting a business that is mostly remote requires a lot of thought. There are many benefits of working remotely, but there are some downsides.

Some employees may feel invisible or unheard when working remotely. This can be isolating and makes it hard for them to reach out for help.

That is why you need to make sure support’s provided at all times. You should have a functioning support team where employees can reach out at any time during the day.

You could make the support team available by email or online chat. They should be able to get back to employees within a few hours to discuss the problem.

This will help your employees to feel as though they matter. They will feel like they are part of a team and feel valued in the business.

Encourage Engagement

Your remote team may not feel much like a team after all. One way to tackle this problem is to create more engagement.

A great way to do this is to recognize personal achievements from your team. Maybe one of your employees was especially helpful and polite when managing interactions.

Or another employee went above and beyond the call of duty when accomplishing their work. Call out these employees and award them for their effort to show that you noticed.

You can also send out surveys for your employees to fill out. These could be questionnaires about things they enjoy or changes they would like to see.

This is a great way to create an open space where everyone feels free to communicate. They can share aspects of their personal lives as well as their opinions about the company.

This feedback will help you to better understand your employees and how to make them happy.

Have Get Togethers

If at all possible, your Remote work management should include in-person get together‘s. This is a great way to create engagement and see everyone face-to-face.

This may not always be possible, but it can be for the majority of your team. This will give everyone something to look forward to and a way to meet each other physically.

Send Swag

Something many remote companies are taking advantage of is swag. This is used to describe different business items that are sent off to employees.

This swag could be anything from personalized coffee mugs to shirts with a logo on the front. This is a great way to reward employees and give them something work related to enjoy.

You could have different swag packets for different levels they achieve. This is also a great option when you are hiring someone new, as you can send them a surprise package.

Keep Things Organized

Managing a remote team can be a bit overwhelming. That is why you need to have organizational tactics in place to do this.

Everyone’s schedules need to be arranged, and they need to understand what is expected of them. It is a good idea to set goals so that you can better track everyone’s achievements.

Remote Work Management 101

If you are starting a business, you may be considering remote work management. This is important to understand since so much work is now being done from home.

Did you enjoy reading this article about working from home? Keep reading for more business and technology-related content that you may find helpful.

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