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Residential Solar Panel Cost in Minneapolis: What You Should Know

The cost of solar panel installation can be off-putting for some people. With the price of solar panels being about $4.50 per watt, the final cost can seem unaffordable.

If you’re planning a home renovation or just looking to save money at home, then a home solar panel system could be the best option for you.

Continue reading this article to better understand the initial residential solar panel cost and what you can save on. Make the switch today and start saving big!

Comparison of Panel Installations in Minneapolis

A comparison of solar panel installations in Minneapolis reveals some interesting trends. The overall number of installations has remained relatively flat. There is an increasing focus on residential and large-scale commercial installations.

The total megawatts of solar capacity installed in the city continues to increase. This demonstrates strong solar energy adoption. In terms of large-scale installation, most projects are on the rooftops of commercial buildings. While the residential installations are primarily ground-mounted solar arrays.

The increasing popularity of solar energy in Minneapolis signals a wave of increased adoption. This will likely continue as the cost of solar energy panels drops and installation becomes more efficient.

Subsidy & Tax Credit Benefits for Residential Solar

The cost of residential solar panel installation in Minneapolis is no small expense. State and federal governments have recognized the benefits of solar power. They have implemented generous subsidies and tax credits for those wishing to install panels on their own property.

The largest subsidy is a rebate from the Minnesota State Legislature, which can be up to 25 percent of the up-front cost of the system. Additionally, customers can benefit from a federal tax credit of 26 percent of the cost of a system.

Finally, those who choose to finance their solar installation can benefit from a federal tax deduction. This is up to 20 percent of their interest payments. With these subsidies and tax credits, Minnesota homeowners can reduce the cost of their solar panel systems. This makes them much more attractive investments.

Product & Labor Charges

Regarding residential solar panel costs in Minneapolis, you should expect to pay for both the product and labor charges. Product costs will vary based on each project’s size, complexity, and location. At the same time, labor costs are determined by the amount of time and experience of the solar installation team.

Remember, an installation team’s hourly rate may range anywhere from $50-100/hour. Some may charge additional fees depending on the scale of your project.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the energy efficiency of the panels being installed. With the right selection, you could reduce your energy consumption and monthly utility bills.

Long-Term Payoff from Investing in Solar

Investing in solar energy for a home in Minneapolis can be quite costly upfront. This is with installation depending largely on the size of the system and additional hardware. A modest residential solar panel system can cost upwards of 10k or more.

While this cost may be expensive, it does mean that you can eliminate most/all of your energy bills for the system’s lifetime. The estimated life of a solar panel system is typically around 25 to 30 years, and with inflation, your energy bills will likely go up over time.

If a homeowner considers the overall long-term cost of the system, the utility savings over the long term more than offset the initial cost. Solar energy may be expensive upfront. But it is well worth the investment in the long run, as it will save you money on energy costs that accumulate over time.

What Factors Influence the Price of Solar Panels in Minneapolis?

The cost of residential solar panels in Minneapolis can vary greatly depending on various factors. These include the following:

Size and Type of Solar Panel

The size and type of solar panel system you select will significantly impact the cost of solar panels in Minneapolis. Minneapolis’s average residential solar panel cost ranges from $3.50 to $5.20 per watt.

Solar panels come in various sizes, with standard sizes ranging from 150 to 400 watts. Larger-scale commercial and industrial solar panels may range from hundreds to thousands of watts.

Minneapolis also has several solar panels, including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels are the most popular and effective choice. Thin-film panels are less expensive but less efficient than monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. 

Installation Process

The installation process varies depending on factors. This includes the size of the system, type of panel, number of panels, and whether the off-grid or on-grid installation is desired.

If a customer should choose an off-grid system, the installation will require additional hardware. These are battery storage, inverters, and a charge controller. This extra hardware can raise the installation price of the system.

On-grid installation involves connecting the panel system to the city’s grid. This is a process that can typically be handled by reliable solar installers

Labor Costs

As mentioned above, labor costs are a major factor influencing the cost of Minneapolis solar panels. Installation labor costs vary based on the amount and type of solar equipment being installed, the installation’s location, and the solar system’s complexity.

The type of roof and roof layout also affect the panel installation cost, as workers may need to custom-fit some installations. To keep labor costs low, it is recommended that homeowners obtain multiple proposals from solar contractors before deciding which contractor to hire.

Geographic Location

The cost of residential solar panels in Minneapolis heavily depends on the homeowner’s geographic location. Generally, solar panels will be more expensive in Minneapolis than in other parts of Minnesota due to the high demand in the area.

Since the demand for solar installation is higher, prices also tend to increase. Factors such as sun exposure, available panel space, and roof angle also play a role. Minneapolis is known for short, cold, and often cloudy winters, so properties in the city often have limited sun exposure. This can result in higher costs for installation.

Go Solar and Save Residential Solar Panel Cost Today

A residential solar panel cost in Minneapolis varies from home to home. It’s important to understand how much it will cost for your home, what incentives are available, and how to choose the best option for you.

Contact a professional solar panel installer today to get started on making a more sustainable and reliable energy source for yourself and your family. 

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