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Ready to Save Lives?: A Quick Guide on Where to Get CPR Certified

Are you interested in saving lives? 65% of Americans claim to have taken CPR classes at some point. Many know the basics of first aid.

When someone goes into cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR lowers their chance of survival by 10%. It makes it incredibly important for all of us to know about CPR.

Are you interested in learning more about receiving CPR certification? Here’s our guide on where to get CPR certified.

Where to Get CPR Certified

Applying one’s lifesaving skills requires completing a CPR course and exam. Those interested in taking a class can attend an in-person or online session or even a blended option. The most comprehensive option is to get certified through the American Red Cross.

With onsite and online testing available, participants can opt for the convenience of online or the hands-on experience of in-person. Completing an online CPR course is comparable to a classroom environment as long as the same curriculum is taught.

After completing the course and exam, the certificate will be issued, and CPR certification will be valid for two years.

Learn the Most Up-to-Date CPR Practices

Learning the most up-to-date CPR practices is paramount to being certified and able to act in an emergency. To get approved, you must attend an in-person or online course accredited by the American Heart Association or American Red Cross.

These courses typically last between four and eight hours, covering the basics of CPR, safety, and recognizing signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest. After taking the class and passing the written and practical exams, you’ll receive a CPR certification card. Once you have earned your certification, you can be confident in your skills and ready to react if the need arises.

Unlock the Potential

Unlocking our potential as responsible citizens starts with taking action and preparing ourselves in times of crisis. The possibility to save lives through CPR is a skill everyone should acquire. Knowing the steps to get CPR certified is helpful to keep you and others safe.

After successfully passing, you will receive an official card with your certification status. You will be recognized as CPR-certified, ready to administer lifesaving measures in an emergency.

Prepare for the Worst

No one expects to need to use CPR in everyday life, but it is essential to be prepared for any potential emergency. To best prepare for the worst, one should learn the skill of CPR and become certified so that they are ready to save lives when needed. Specific places to get certified in CPR vary depending on the country, location, and other factors.

In some areas, local hospitals or even fire departments might offer classes that include certification. It is important to research to find the best option for getting trained and certified. Check out these Group CPR Training Discounts for CPR-approved online.

Being CPR certified is an important skill, and it is essential to be prepared for anything by having the training to save lives.

Get CPR Certified Now

This guide helped clear up any questions you had regarding where to get CPR certified. Everyone should feel prepared to save a life in a medical emergency; getting certifications and practice can save lives. Get started today and take the next step in following your dreams.

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