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Positive Impact of Paying Tithing Online

Many people find paying tithing online to be a positive change. But it’s not for everyone.

For these people, the transition can feel like a challenge. In addition, they might have several philosophical objections to making payments online.

Easier to track

Tithing is an essential spiritual practice that can positively impact your financial health. However, many people need help to track their tithes, and it can be challenging to find the time or resources required to keep up with it.

Fortunately, there are approaches to simplifying tithe tracking online without compromising accuracy. One way to do this is through church management software offering to pay tithing online and offerings dashboard. This tool helps churches automate and streamline tracking tithes, donations, contributions, and recurring gifts.

Another way to make it easier to track tithes is by setting up an automated giving system that lets donors set up recurring payments for their weekly, monthly, or quarterly tithing. Again, it makes it easier for people to stay on track and increase their faith by committing to giving regularly.

It can benefit those with busy schedules who cannot attend in person. However, they can still practice tithing by making their donations online and receiving regular updates on how their contributions positively impact their church and community.

Getting your church’s members and followers on board with online tithing is easier than you think. With a mobile-friendly online tithing page, members can give regularly and easily without worrying about missing a Sunday service.

More convenient

As the number of people who carry cash has decreased, giving tithes and offerings online has become more convenient. It is especially true for those who can’t attend church in person on Sundays.

Setting up a recurring gift through an online giving platform is also easier. It can help your members tithe more consistently, a necessary spiritual discipline you want to encourage as a church.

Another benefit of paying tithes online is that it’s easier for your church to track donations and givers. It eliminates the need for clerical errors or omissions and reduces the time required to count gifts.

Lastly, it’s more secure for your donors to give online because they don’t have to worry about their personal information being exposed. In addition, your donors are more likely to trust your church when they know you’re keeping their data secure.

As your congregation members and donors become more comfortable with online tithing, finding ways to make it more convenient for them is essential. You’ll need to find a way to give them an easy way to offer while making it secure and ensuring that your church isn’t exposed to any risks. 

Increase in contribution

Some churches shy away from online tithing because it can be less intentional. For example, people may forget to give on a Sunday and be more likely to do so if it’s an automatic transaction.

However, churches that offer online tithing have seen a 32% increase in overall contributions. That’s partly due to members who cannot physically bring cash to church. Those include senior citizens, service personnel, and college students.

Another issue is that online tithing can be more challenging to track than traditional paper checks. However, it can make a difference in the accuracy of your tithing report, which is sent to your local ward clerk and a local bishop.

The levy should always support the local body of believers you’re part of, including pastors, children’s programs, care counseling, a food pantry, and more. If you’re not giving to those things, you might not reach as many people with your faith.

Consider budgeting specifically if you want to be more intentional with your tithe. That way, you can plan and set aside 10% of your monthly income for it. Then, use the rest of your budget to give extra to particular causes or to help others in need. It could look like a cash offering to your church, donating to a cause you support, or volunteering your time and skills.

Spiritual attitude

Tithing is a spiritual practice that can enhance your relationship with God and help you to become more financially responsible. It is also an excellent opportunity to express your thanks for everything you have.

Determine the percentage you want to give and set up your giving method. You can even choose to tithe online or in person.

Many people find their relationship with God grows and develops when they tithe. It’s a great way to spiritualize your attitude toward money, just as service and volunteering spiritualize your attitude toward work.

In addition to giving to your local church, you should consider supporting other churches worldwide. It includes supporting para-church organizations that evangelize, teach, and support believers in their faith.

Researchers have found that donating to charity can increase your happiness, whereas spending on yourself or personal expenses may not. Spending on others also makes you feel good and gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

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