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Is It Advisable to Write SEO By Yourself?

More than 75% of consumers in the United States check the internet and social media before making a purchase.

Content, company info, and products help customers make informed decisions about what their money goes toward. Without an online presence, businesses fail to reach enough customers to keep the company successful. Whether you have a business of your own or want to support your community, you can take up SEO writing to build brand awareness.

Keep reading below to discover if you can write SEO so you’re prepared for your first writing gig! 

Do You Have Strong Writing Skills?

One of the most important aspects of learning how to write SEO is that you can produce well-written content. 

If you haven’t read a book or worked on grammar in years, you should freshen up your knowledge before getting your first gig. You don’t need a Bachelor’s Degree in English Writing to be an SEO writer, but you’ll require basic knowledge of grammar for editing. There are plenty of websites and platforms you can use to help with editing, like Hemingway and Grammarly, but you can’t rely on them. 

Some people like the idea of writing content, but quickly discover they can’t get past the first paragraph. If you start to notice that content is taking longer to create, you may want to look at other SEO positions. 

What Is Your Knowledge of SEO?

Writing SEO by yourself can be a challenge if you don’t understand the industry.

SEO writing is much more than just posting engaging content. To improve search rankings, SEO writers must incorporate keywords, links, and other CTAs. A lack of knowledge of SEO could result in wasted time, which is why you must review your website stats often. 

Reviewing this DIY SEO Checklist before submitting projects can help you be successful. As you work with customers more regularly, you’ll also discover each company’s preferences. 

SEO courses and the internet can help you learn industry standards. Since SEO is constantly evolving, you also want to ensure that you are working efficiently. 

Can You Manage Time & Work?

Writing SEO by yourself is attractive because there is more freedom than in other positions in marketing. 

Although freelance writing can be a fun and relaxing job, you need to have self-discipline. Time management skills will ensure you’re getting paid a reasonable amount for the time you are putting into work each day. SEO writers only get paid for what they create, so you need to be an efficient writer. 

If you prefer to have someone tell you what to do, SEO work may not be a suitable fit. Business owners in this position should hire an SEO expert or get a consultation from a business. 

What Are Your Financial Needs?

If you haven’t looked at your current financial situation and needs, you should do so before leaving a full-time position.

SEO content writers are typically paid based on the number of words they write. If it takes you a long time to write 1,000 words, for example, you don’t want to get paid less than a few dollars per hour. Some people discover quickly in their SEO careers that they can’t afford to pay their bills.

It’s best to use content writing as a supplement, but once you improve your skills, you can earn more. Before getting your first content gig, check your income and bills. Write down goals so you don’t fall behind, it helps to focus on the money made each day, rather than several articles. 

Will You Use Effective Links? 

Backlinks and CTAs should tell viewers what to do, be clear, and up-to-date.

If you use outdated info from links or none at all, you’ll fail to improve rankings. Google and other search platforms rely on backlinks to determine how much authority each site gets. To get the best results, only use links from your company site and sources that can be verified. 

The best way to determine if your links are effective is by checking your site analytics. If people aren’t clicking on your links, you may want to find another strategy to help guide them to a transaction. 

Can You Use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics plays a significant role in SEO, it’s essentially the data that shows how effective your strategies are. 

Aside from website traffic, you can learn more about conversion and bounce rates through this platform. When you understand more about your target market’s search habits, it’ll be easier to create the content they want. 

Some SEO experts recommend auditing your website monthly to identify what is and isn’t working. For example, you can see where people are accessing your site from, whether it be social media pages or search engines. 

Once you know where you’re drawing in readers, you can push more of your content through that platform. 

Do You Have Any Niches? 

With enough research, anyone can become an SEO writer, but if you aren’t confident with the topics, you won’t be successful.

The best SEO writers focus on specific topics or industries and find relevant work. Applying for all positions may increase your odds of an interview, but if you aren’t familiar with the content, the readers will notice. 

Write down a list of subjects you feel comfortable writing about and add more to your list as your experience grows. 

Write SEO & Increase Your Revenue 

Whether you’re looking for a new career or a side hustle, you can write SEO content and make a lot of money.

SEO services are in high demand as companies try to get their names noticed online. With competition from around the country and the world, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of similar businesses. You can start writing SEO by yourself and engage with more consumers. 

Take a look at our blog to learn more about how to write SEO and market a company! 

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