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Hurricane Proof Door: Who Needs It The Most?

You need an impact-rated or hurricane-proof door if you live in a hurricane-prone location or are a homeowner who wishes to safeguard your home from storm damage. These doors are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris, making them the most rigid. They are tested to meet intense standards, so you can rest assured that your new door is built to last.

Homeowners in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones

During hurricane season, homeowners panic, wondering whether their windows or shutters will survive the onslaught of a storm. They bolt up their storm shutters and install hurricane-resistant windows, but many neglect the importance of hurricane door protection. Having impact-rated or hurricane-proof doors can keep you safe during severe weather and increase the value of your home. They also reduce your insurance rates and help keep intruders away. Hurricane doors and windows have been tested to withstand heavy impact from hurricane winds and flying debris. 

Homeowners in Areas with Extreme Weather

Impact-rated or hurricane-proof doors are a crucial home improvement if you reside in a region with severe weather. They keep you and your family safe and add other benefits that increase your home’s value. These doors are also excellent for homeowners who want a more secure front door. Burglars typically go for the front door when trying to break into a home, so a robust and sturdy door will make them work harder and discourage them from attempting to enter your home. A good quality, impact-rated, or hurricane-proof door is an investment that will pay for itself quickly. In addition to being safer, it is much more energy efficient, which will help you save money on your utility bills over time.

Homeowners in Areas with High Crime Rates

Homeowners living with high crime rates need an impact-rated or hurricane-proof door. These types of entries protect their homes from solid storms and provide a safer place to lock the front door and keep their families safe. Aside from making your home more secure, impact-rated, hurricane-proof doors can also increase your property value. They can reassure potential buyers that you are concerned about their safety and want to do everything possible to ensure their safety.

Homeowners in Areas with High Insurance Rates

If you live where hurricanes and severe weather are expected, an impact-rated or hurricane-proof door is the ideal upgrade. They offer strong protection against hurricanes and storm damage and provide several other benefits, including resale value and lower homeowner insurance premiums. Impact doors are crafted from thicker materials and come with sturdier-than-average door frames. They can withstand high pressure and water intrusion and are designed to prevent broken glass from falling apart into dangerous pieces. They’re also tough to break into, which is an excellent way to deter intruders from entering your home. In addition, they help keep the interior of your house at an even temperature and reduce noise. In areas where hurricanes are common, homeowners can save up to 45% on their monthly insurance premiums by upgrading to impact-rated doors. Typically, this one-time investment pays for itself in the long run.

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