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How to Style Nike Blazers

The Nike Blazers are probably the most versatile shoes in the market today, and because of their popularity, it’s not surprising that there are so many ways to style them. Let’s look at eight awesome examples of styling this classic athletic sneaker! When you get your hands on a pair of Blazers, try some of these ideas out for yourself!

How to Style Nike Blazers

Nike makes some of the best looking shoes on the market and the Nike Blazer is no exception. If you’ve got a pair, you’ll want to make sure that they’re styled correctly. To start, when wearing a blazer in warmer months it’s recommended that you roll up your sleeves. Next, wear your blazer with one of our suggestions below

When you get your new nike blazers

If you plan on wearing your new blazers right away, make sure that they are freshly washed and aired out. You should also make sure to get rid of any lint or fuzz in order for the clothes to look cleaner. Next, you can iron your blazer as this will help straighten out the wrinkles so they will look better when you wear them. Now put on a shirt and button up the jacket. Make sure that both your belt line and shirt match. For shoes, don’t go too formal with white shoes since black always works well with your typical blue or khaki suit colors.


Styling nike blazers

Nike Blazers are a true icon. The waffle stitching and rubber sole, which were first introduced in 1972 on the iconic Blazer shoe, is immediately recognizable. We still see them on the streets today, and it’s not unusual for men of all ages to be seen wearing these kicks. These shoes are equally versatile: from an early-morning jog or hike in the forest, to a day at the office or casual weekend outing with friends. It is no wonder that Nike continued producing different versions of this shoe for over 40 years! If you find yourself wanting more out of your everyday Nike Blazer shoes, read on below for some fresh styling ideas that will help you put your own stamp on this classic look.

Clean socks look good with sneakers

One of the first ways you can wear clean socks is with a white or gray tee. You can even take it up a notch by adding an under shirt for an extra crisp look. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for something with more color and fashion, then a chambray dress with brown sandals and blazer might be more your speed. And if you really want to give those socks some justice then why not combine them with these Christian Louboutin sneakers? All of these are just suggestions so choose whichever one feels best for you.

Different ways of tying your shoes

Tie the laces into a knot. Wrap both laces around your first two fingers and then pull them tight before bringing them together and tying a firm knot. If you don’t want the long ends dangling, tuck them in under the shoe’s tongue. This can be done by pulling the lace from one side through the other or by tying an overhand knot on top of the shoe’s tongue, tugging until it is snug but not so tight that it constricts circulation in your foot. There are also a variety of braided knots available, such as the Saint James Knot or the Solomon Knot. These are more decorative than practical because they require extra steps to complete and are too large for most shoes. A simple bow can also work as long as it’s tied tightly enough to stay put when you walk!

Step 5: Look fresh with a clean face and nice clothes

No matter what type of face you have, if you want to achieve that fresh look, use water as your base for a no-makeup face. In order to maintain a healthy complexion, be sure to avoid the sun and use SPF. Avoid foundation in favor of powder so you don’t run the risk of breaking out or looking greasy during the day. Be sure not to apply too much powder or it will look cakey and add extra time for touch-ups during the day. Add blush by sweeping bronzer on top and blend into your cheeks. Add lipstick by lining your lips with a nude lip liner (wet from applicator) before applying a deeper color lipstick with gloss or matte finish on top.

Accessorize your outfit

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to accessorizing, but there are a few generally agreed-upon guidelines. Men should try to match the colors of their belt and shoes if they want a formal look. For casual looks, match the color of your hat or bag with that of your shoes or vice versa. If you don’t have any matching colors, opt for coordinating colors: light blue with dark blue; yellow with black; brown with pink; etc. In general, it’s best not to mix too many colors together at once!

Go Sporty!

These days, fashion is all about keeping it sporty and chic. You can dress up a classic pair of Nikes with a tailored blazer for example. With new styles of outfits emerging from the fashion industry each season, the sky’s the limit when it comes to styling them. Here are a few ways you can wear your favorites Nike Blazers for a super-stylish look this summer:

– Pair with some cutoffs and an oversized tee for a laid back beach day vibe.

– Tie around your waist with jeans and sandals for more formal daytime events.

The Final Touch

A staple look when it comes to styling Nike Blazers is matching them with a basic piece of clothing. Since this type of shoe generally has a higher price point, you want the other pieces in your outfit to also have value and a timeless look. Along with a great outfit, the right accessorizing is what sets your style apart from others’. The most important accessory you can wear with your sneakers is socks or tights!

I hope these 8 tips helped you get the confidence boost you needed. Now go out there and get wearing your best kicks (Nike or not)!

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