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How to Plan a Garage Renovation Project

Did you know that a garage renovation is typically less expensive than getting an extension if you want extra space?

It also helps that the remodeling project can be quickly done since you do not need to go out of your way to successfully obtain official planning permission.

After your garage makeover, you will have heaps more space to host a lot of different purposes. For instance, you can turn the extra space in your garage into a new bathroom, home office, or a new kitchen.

There are endless remodeling ideas for you to pass up the chance to give your garage the makeover it deserves. Here is all the info that you must know to help plan a garage renovation project without exceeding the budget.

Set Garage Renovation Budget

This should be the absolute first step for your garage renovation project. Budgeting for any services and upgrades you need during the remodeling project is necessary.

For instance, remodeling a garage that can fit up to 2 cars can cost thousands of dollars. Then you need to think clearly about the type of remodeling you need.

If you get a partial renovation, it will be less inexpensive. However, full renovation projects or living space conversations can cost several thousands of dollars. When you have a vision of the scope of your project, you must plan how to fund the garage makeover.

Some people dip into their rainy-day savings, while others may obtain a home improvement loan. Even though you may have numerous remodeling ideas, you should always start with a strict budget in mind first.

Otherwise, you risk overspending on services and materials that could put you in the red with the bank in no time. If you are confused and unsure of how to correctly set the budget, speak to the best renovation experts in your area and ask for a ballpark quote.

After discussing your renovation needs, they should be able to provide a cost estimate to help you prepare funds in advance.

Remove Unwanted Items

When you kick off a remodeling project after establishing a budget, you should start decluttering the space. This involves throwing out or donating items you do not want anymore.

This way, reviewing all your belongings to see how much storage you need before installing your new garage features will be easy. So, ask your loved ones to help tackle all the clutter.

Otherwise, you can also hire a professional organizer because decluttering can be an intense and overwhelming experience. We all hate getting rid of things because we keep telling ourselves we still need them.

When you hire a professional or ask your friends to help, you gain a pair of objective eyes to help you sort out your belongings. With their support, you should have an easier time setting aside items you do not use anymore and want to eliminate.

Remove Wall to Expand

Is your garage too small to fit everything you need? Do you feel like you constantly compromise by choosing between keeping your motorcycle, tools, and workbench?

If you want to expand your garage, you will need to fork out some more funds. However, this is one of the most practical ways to enjoy extra space from a garage that feels claustrophobic.

When it comes to expanding your garage, the remodelers will look at the complexity of the extension, the cost of materials, the condition of the building site, and the cost of labor and permits.

These factors will ultimately decide the final bill you can expect to receive. This is a renovation process that can take up to 3 days. So, you should not feel like you are missing out on using your garage for too long.

Insulate Garage Walls

This is an excellent garage remodeling idea that can be done on a tight budget within a day. Insulating garage walls also help significantly boost the value of your property.

By adding insulation to your ceiling and walls in the garage, you can significantly improve energy efficiency. This will help maintain a more stable temperature throughout your garage by restricting the transfer of warm and cold air blowing from outside.

Even though this renovation is not one of the most expensive ones, the price to insulate your garage will depend on the insulation material and the space size. Some of the most popular insulation materials to consider are spray foam, rigid foam, cellulose, and fiberglass.

Add Some Lighting

Whether you are watching a horror movie or walking into your own garage, you will notice that garages usually seem very dimly lit. This is because many garages have lighting that comes from a single bulb that is usually somewhere in the corner of the space.

When you add some task lighting, you can significantly brighten up the entire space. This can make your garage a lot safer to use because you will not be looking for things or walking around in the dark all the time.

Then you can easily locate your oil filter under the car or find an old tool you dropped somewhere in the garage and forgot about.

The great news is that this renovation only takes a few hours to complete. You do not need to fork out a lot of money because there are plenty of affordable lighting options in the market.

Finish Walls

Your garage walls may look dreary if you have not looked after the walls in a while. Whether you use your garage for storage, DIY projects, or parking your car, consider enhancing the area with finished walls.

Drywall is the best material for finishing garage walls and is also required by your local fire code. When you finish installing your drywall, you should cover your walls with interior latex paint.

The best is to go for a neutral color like tan, beige, or gray. It is always best to hire skilled painters if you do not have the time or resources to deal with the job.

Otherwise, you should always remember to prime first if you paint your own walls, or else the paint will soak into your drywall.

This garage renovation idea can cost at least a couple of thousand dollars. But you can effectively get the job done in less than a day to avoid spending more on labor.

Update Garage Flooring

Updating garage flooring can be tricky because your budget can go approximately anywhere from as low as $500 to $10,000. However, protecting your garage floor from moisture damage or oil spills is crucial.

The Full Chip coating system is the ideal choice for most homeowners. This is a 3-layer system that can be installed easily.

The first layer consists of a base or primer using polyurea concrete coating, and the second layer is made of a decorative chip that comes in numerous colors.

Finally, a clear coat gets added on the top to seal the entire floor, giving you a superior glossy shine with ultimate durability. You can also add some anti-slip additives to get a slip-resistant texture for more safety. Click here to find out more about the benefits of Full Chip.

Add More Storage

If your garage has less floor space and more vertical space, you should add some storage to your walls and ceilings. This will help you fit a lot more items in the space in an organized manner.

Some of the best storage features for garages are ceiling-mounted shelves, hooks for bulky items, kayak slings, clear bins, and open shelves. With more garage storage, you will not have to discard too many items you love.

These can be neatly stored away so you can still make the most of your garage space for other hobbies and projects. The greatest news is that you do not need to give more than a couple of thousand dollars on most cabinets, shelves, and hooks for your garage.

The garage remodel project can also be done in a few hours or a day. So, you do not need to abandon using your garage for too long while work is being done by renovators.

Update Garage Door

If you have an extra couple of thousand dollars or less lying around and want a quick renovation done in a few hours, it helps upgrade your garage door. This is because manual garage doors are always a hassle.

Many garage doors also look very old and can be an eyesore. If your garage door needs a lot of manual support to open and close while looking like it has seen much better days once upon a time, you should update it.

Regarding renovation costs, you must replace the door, install the door opener, and insulate the door.

However, you will be extremely pleased to know that garage door upgrades are one of the best home improvements if you want to see a decent return on investment.

When you decide to sell your home, it adds thousands of dollars in extra value to your property. So, you can expect to recoup most expenses down the line.

Brainstorm Remodeling Ideas Today

Now that you know the most effective way to plan a garage renovation, it is time to focus on the features that can boost your property’s value. Start with some research and contact the best garage renovators in your area to ask for a price estimate.

Even though there are many renovation projects you can do yourself, it always helps to have experts by your side to avoid expensive mistakes. If you enjoyed reading this garage makeover guide, check out some of our other blogs for more remodeling ideas.

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