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How to Keep Your Laptop Cool and Prevent Overheating

In 2022, computer manufacturers shipped 285.1 million computers, including desktops and laptops. That’s a 16% drop from the previous year’s shipments! Higher prices, interest rates, and inflation are all factors for that steep decrease.

That’s enough reason to make the laptop you own now last as long as possible. That way, you can keep it in good condition and avoid the high cost of buying a replacement sooner than later.

Keeping your laptop cool, in turn, is one of the best ways to extend your device’s lifespan. We’ll explain how in the guide below, so read on.

Use a Laptop Stand

One of the best ways to keep your laptop from overheating is to place it on a stand.

Laptop stands help dissipate heat as they have vents that promote airflow. They also elevate laptops in a slanting position, letting more air in from the sides and bottoms.

Plus, according to this page on laptop stands, such accessories are more ergonomic. After all, they can elevate a screen to eye level, preventing users from slouching. They also allow you to tilt the screen, minimizing the risk of glare.

Invest in a Laptop Cooling Pad

A built-in laptop fan isn’t always a standard feature in portable computers. Instead, they’re more common in higher-end models and gaming units.

Such laptops, after all, often perform more energy-intensive tasks. And the more energy a device uses, the more heat it generates.

So if your laptop has no built-in cooling fan, you can keep it from overheating with a cooling pad. The same goes if you must run multiple apps simultaneously on your device.

A cooling pad differs from a stand because the former has one or two external fans. As the fan blades whir, they suck out hot air from the laptop. Then, they direct cool air underneath the device.

So, a cooling pad may be better for keeping a fanless device cool and preventing overheating. But of course, you can also use one even if your laptop has a built-in fan. That can supplement your device’s cooling features with additional external airflow.

Keep It Clean and Debris-Free

Over 119 million people in the U.S. live in areas with highly polluted air. Unfortunately, outdoor air pollutants can make their way indoors. From there, they can infiltrate your workspace and permeate your laptop.

Dirt, dust, and debris are all factors that can lead to an overheating laptop. These pollutants can clog your device’s air vents, restricting airflow. As a result, cooler air can’t flow into it, and internal heat can’t dissipate efficiently.

If you notice your laptop getting hot more often, it may be time to clean it.

You can use a soft-bristled brush to sweep particles lodged in the keyboard or inside vents and ports. Then, wipe the exterior with a lint-free cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol.

Keep Your Laptop Cool With These Tactics

Remember: Laptops, on average, only last between three and five years. However, allowing them to overheat can further cut their lifespan short.

That’s enough reason to keep your laptop cool by giving it better airflow. You can use a laptop stand or cooling pad, but you should also clean it well every three to six months.

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