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How To Flip Camera on Omegle on Android?

Omegle can be an entertaining and educational way to meet people from all over the world, but with so many people using it every day you’re likely to run into at least a few who aren’t looking to have fun. You should never feel pressured or afraid when meeting someone online, and this guide can help you protect yourself on omegle by showing you how to flip the camera so no one can see you on android.

What is Omegle?

Omegle is an online chat site that pairs up random people from all over the world and lets them have a conversation through a live feed. It’s great for meeting new people, making friends, and having fun. To start chatting with somebody, click their username in the user list on the right side of the screen. The person will appear in your video stream and you’ll be able to see their webcam as well as your own stream. When you’re done talking, just click Next at the bottom of the screen.

How to Flip Camera on Omegle Android

This is how you can flip the camera in Omegle. 

1) Open the app and click Start a Conversation 

2) Click Switch Camera on the bottom left of your screen. 

3) Tap Front Camera or Back Camera. You will then switch from one to the other. If you want to flip the camera back, just do the same steps as before. And if you are not sure about which camera to use, use Front Camera for video chat and Facecam for Snapshot. To go back to default settings, go to Settings>Apps>Omegle>Clear defaults. You have now learned how to flip the camera in Omegle on Android.

How to download the Omegle app

  1. Download the app from your app store of choice – both iOS and Android versions are available.
  2. Open the app by tapping on the icon when you open your device’s home screen 
  3. Tap Start in the bottom left corner if you are looking for a stranger or Friend if you have someone in mind who is already using Omegle 
  4. If you want to talk about things that could be considered inappropriate for children under 18, then select Adult. You may also set up a username so others know who they are talking to 
  5. If you’re ready, tap Get Started 
  6. At this point, press the button next to I’m interested in 
  7. You will now see what is known as the green box: there should be two arrows that show the direction of your camera 
  8. If necessary, rotate your phone until the right arrow points at what will show up in front of your camera 
  9. Press and hold the left arrow while slowly rotating your phone back towards its original position 
  10. Release the left arrow 
  11. Now repeat the process with the right arrow 
  12. Press start 
  13. You will now be prompted to choose an avatar 
  14. Press Continue 
  15. As long as everything has worked correctly, you should see yourself on video chat with whoever you were matched with 

How to start a chat on Omegle

  1. Open the Omegle app and log in with your Google account. 
  2. Select a conversation partner from the list of people online. 
  3. Tap the i button next to their name and select Start Chat. 
  4. You can switch the camera view by tapping Switch Camera. 
  5. If you need help, tap Report Problem at the top of the screen or email us at
  6. In addition to English, Omegle is available in over twenty languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Arabic. 
  7. Remember that conversations are only visible for 24 hours before they’re automatically deleted so enjoy chatting! 
  8. With our new Android app, you’ll never have to go without a chat again! Simply tap the menu icon and select Flip Camera.
  9. To start a chat on Android just open the Omegle app 

Flip Camera on Omegle iPhone

To flip the camera on Omegle for iphone, go to your settings. Scroll down and find FaceTime. There should be a setting that says Switch Camera. Tap it and you should see a prompt saying Choose Camera with an arrow pointing up, which will let you switch cameras. Select the back camera if that’s what you want to use. This way, people won’t see your phone’s front camera when they’re chatting with you. Once you’ve flipped the camera, just tap Done. Flip Camera on Omegle Android: For Android devices, navigate to Settings -> App Manager -> All Apps -> Google Play Services (or other similar apps). Search for Omegle in this list of apps and select it from there. You’ll see a menu appear with three options: Chat Heads, Share My Location, or Flip Camera – as shown below in Figure 1-1 . Select Flip Camera from this menu to change how your camera appears in chats. Note that once you have changed the camera orientation, some features may not work properly – such as facial recognition and video chat. If this is an issue for you, please choose another option instead of flipping your camera upside down.

How to flip camera on omegle on android 2022

This video will show you how to flip the camera in Omegle on Android. For this, you’ll need a phone with an Android operating system and then follow these steps: 

  1. Tap the three lines in the top left corner of your screen 
  2. Select Settings 
  3. Find Privacy and Safety and tap it 
  4. Under Camera, select whether or not your device can be seen by other users by tapping Public Camera or Private Camera (privacy is preferred) 
  5. Under Video Chat, select Yes if you want people to see what’s happening around you while chatting 6. The last thing to do is make sure that when someone invites you into a chat that they’re able to see both sides of the conversation (i.e., if they invite me into their chat but I only have my back camera turned on, they won’t be able to see what I’m looking at).


-To do this, go to your settings and find the security section. 

-Underneath Permissions, click where it says Camera. 

-Here, check the box that says Draw over other apps so you will be able to see yourself in the video. 

-Next, click where it says Draw over other apps. 

-This will bring up a list of all the apps installed on your phone. 

-Find Omegle and open it. 

-Click the button that says Start an Omegle session and then click on your face (or whatever you want) for the icon so you can use your webcam instead of your phone’s camera. -If you don’t know how to talk with people on Omegle, just type when someone else is talking. 

-Afterward, go back to your Security settings and uncheck Draw over other apps so you can use any app as normal again.

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