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How To Drop Bombs in GTA 5?

I’m going to talk about how to drop bombs in gta 5, but first I’m going to take you through the basics of what you need to know so you can drop bombs in gta 5 like an absolute champ! So you’ve gotten your hands on the ultimate destruction device, and now you’re wondering what you should do with it? it might be useful to know how to drop bombs in gta 5 when you want to take out an entire crowd or just one annoying pedestrian (with their permission, of course). Check out these simple instructions below on how to drop bombs in gta 5. Not that there’s anything wrong with blowing up the entire map, but there’s more to the game than just blowing stuff up. And if you want to take advantage of all that San Andreas has to offer, then read on!

How to Get the Bomb

-Go to the airport and look for a plane with a green arrow above it (this will be your airplane) 

-Once you get there, approach one of the planes with a green arrow above it. 

-Press Square or X on PS4, or A on Xbox One to go inside the plane. 

-Once inside, use either RT or R2 on PS4, or RB on Xbox One to take off the plane. You’ll want to fly over Fort Zancudo for this next part. 

-Fly back over Fort Zancudo again, and head towards the runway from where you took off from originally. You’ll see two small hangars with blue arrows above them. Land in one of those hangars by pressing LB or L1 on PS4, or LT on Xbox One when you’re close enough. There should be a big white truck near them that’s marked BOMB. Approach it and press triangle or Y on PS4, or A on Xbox One to open up its doors and find the bomb inside!

How to Use the Bomb

1) To use the bomb, press Y and you’ll have three options. You can choose to throw the bomb by pressing A, and you’ll have another three options. You can choose to put it on a vehicle by pressing B, or you can set up a proximity mine by pressing C. 

2) The closer the target is, the more damage it will do. 

3) If you want to avoid detection, throw a bomb at night when there are less people outside or during heavy rain so that people won’t hear it coming. 

4) Bombs are very helpful for destroying cars and other objects that can cause traffic jams. 

5) Bombs are available from Ammu-Nation for $300 each. 

6) Unlike previous GTA games, they cannot be found around the map. 

7) All items bought through Ammu-Nation have limited uses. 

8) Your wanted level will increase if you’re seen carrying a bomb while committing crimes like stealing cars or bribing cops. 

9) They’re also really handy if you don’t want to go in guns blazing because they can kill someone with one shot. 

10) However, explosions happen all at once instead of over time like Molotov cocktails, so it’s best not to use them inside buildings where there may be explosives (like gas tanks). 

11) Make sure that no one is near the target before dropping a bomb on them!

How to Drop the Bomb

If you want to learn how to drop the bomb and start a war, then you have come to the right place. The first step is getting a helicopter, which can be found at the airport. Once you have one, go into the marker and select chopper. Then fly it over your desired target and press right on the D-pad. If you do it correctly, then you should see a red circle with a countdown timer above your target. You’ll need at least three stars before being able to use this feature. Additionally, make sure you’re flying high enough when doing so or else the explosive won’t detonate. There are three levels of bombs: A green one will take out all vehicles around it; an orange will take out all people; and finally, a blue bomb will destroy every building around. Now that you know how to drop bombs in GTA V, go ahead and unleash hell!


First, you will need a car. You can steal one or buy one. After that, go to the airport and steal or buy a plane. Then, fly your plane over the area where you want to drop the bomb(s). After that, press square or x on the controller while flying around to drop your bomb. Keep an eye on your altitude because if it is too high, the bomb will explode before it hits anything. If it is too low, there won’t be any significant damage. 

When you are done dropping bombs, land your plane and then get out of the car or turn off the engine so it doesn’t blow up with all of those explosives still inside of it! Make sure not to do this too close to pedestrians as they might get injured by the blast. Have fun dropping bombs in GTA 5 and don’t forget: always be careful when using explosive devices as they have the potential for danger and mayhem!

How do you detonate bombs in GTA 5 phone?

To detonate a bomb in GTA V you need to press Square/X on the PS4, LB/L1 for Xbox One and Enter for PC. 

You’ll see an animation of someone walking up to the bomb and pressing a button, then it will start counting down from 10 seconds. You can cancel the countdown at any point by pressing Circle/O on the PS4, B/B for Xbox One or Esc for PC. When it reaches 0 seconds left, it will explode. The explosion is powerful enough to destroy anything around it. The radius for the explosion is quite large so be careful where you place your bombs!

How do you use sticky bombs in GTA?

Sticky Bombs are perhaps the most versatile weapon in GTA V, as they can be used for everything from killing a single target to destroying a vehicle. To lay down a Sticky Bomb, press C on your keyboard or game controller. This will pull up your arsenal and you should see the Sticky Bomb sitting there with an arrow pointing up. Press X or A on your keyboard or game controller and select it by pressing either button one more time. It will now show you a preview of where you want it to go. Once the location is selected, hit Y or B on your keyboard or game controller to place it on the ground. The best thing about sticky bombs is that they’re really easy to use: just point and click!


Sticky bombs, also known as sticky grenades or sticky mines, are a type of grenade which will adhere to a surface and detonate after a certain amount of time. They explode with the force of an M67 grenade. When using sticky bombs, they must be thrown at an object or surface before they can be detonated. The player should aim the reticule at the desired target, making sure that it’s within the range of their throwing arm. Pressing R1 will cause the player to throw a single bomb while L1 throws one every time it is pressed. Picking up another weapon will cancel this action and pressing triangle will detonate all sticky bombs currently on screen without them needing to be thrown first. The explosive radius of sticky bombs depends on how long they have been primed (by holding down the button). Holding for less than two seconds will produce a small blast radius, about three meters wide. .

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