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How to Catch a Mouse Without a Trap

It’s no secret that mice are the bane of many homeowners, especially in urban areas. The damage they can cause to your home and to your personal belongings (not to mention the diseases they can spread!) can make dealing with them seem more like a nightmare than anything else! But even though it might be tempting to buy mouse traps from your local hardware store and set them up around your house, it’s actually much better for you and the mice if you use humane methods when you want to catch them instead of using traps.

Keep all things in your pantry clean

Mice love to eat, so they’ll be drawn in by any crumbs or leftovers that you leave on countertops or in cabinets. If you want to keep your home mouse-free, keep all food and storage containers clean and tightly closed at all times. It’s important not only for catching mice but also for keeping them out of your diet in general; clean up after yourself! Make sure there are no scraps laying around and that both indoor and outdoor trash cans are completely sealed. You may also want to put away any decorations that could be tempting, such as dried fruit wreaths or bread with sprinkles, etc., as these are popular with mice. He doesn’t ask us to strive for perfection, but He does ask us to strive for greatness. Sometimes that requires us to make sacrifices and to keep a positive attitude. When I talk about keeping things in your pantry clean, I don’t just mean the physical things. I mean the mental things too. I mean keeping things in your mind tidy and organized. Free of worries and fears. Free of cynicism and sarcasm. Free of bitterness and hate. Free of anger and disappointment. Free of judgment and condemnation. Free of opinions and negativity. If you want to live a great life, you must maintain your mental pantry. It’s your responsibility to keep all the bad things out. If you don’t, they will seep into your physical pantry and spoil the rest.

 Use natural deterrents

There are plenty of natural methods you can use for pest control that don’t involve trapping and killing animals. The key is to identify what exactly it is that is attracting these creatures, and then preventing it from happening. If mice or rats are attracted by food, place unappealing objects in areas where food or trash are kept. If they’re attracted by pet food, start feeding your cat indoors at night. You can also spray unpleasant odors in areas where pests congregate. There are plenty of options available; there may just be one that works well for you without having to harm an animal.

Don’t make it easy for the mice

Mice are naturally cautious. They’re not going to just wander into your house and make themselves at home. You have to give them an invitation by providing easy access points that allow them in without setting off any alarms or tripwires (literally). Keep your trash, dog food, and pet food in tight containers with lids on them and seal cracks or holes in walls with steel wool or caulk. Remove clutter from around your house that provides shelter for mice, such as piles of wood or paper where they can build nests. Here is an effective way to catch a mouse without a trap. Mice are smart. They know that if they see a trap they will run away. So when you are going to catch a mouse, you should make it very hard for them to figure out where the trap is. You can use…

Replace your cat with a non-rodent pet

Whether it’s an ant infestation or just an one-off mouse in your kitchen, most people aren’t keen on dealing with wild animals roaming their house. It can be daunting for homeowners to get rid of an unwelcome guest on their own, but luckily there are plenty of ways to catch a mouse without having to resort to baiting traps or setting glue boards. One of our favorite tricks is giving them their own pet. It sounds silly, but cats and other pets like dogs don’t typically go after rodents because they smell differently than other mammals. If you have any stray cats or kittens hanging around your house who need homes, let them loose!

Consider whether you have too many rats or mice

A common cause of rodent problems is that people have either too many rats or mice, or they have poor sanitation. To eliminate rodents from your home, you need to fix these issues. If you have too many rats or mice for your yard or house, then it’s time to take action; there are other natural methods for reducing their population by making them feel unwelcome in your house. You might consider hiring an exterminator if you need serious help. If not, here are some suggestions


Maybe you don’t have time to get out your toolkit and fix it, or maybe you just can’t. That doesn’t mean you have to live with a rodent running around your home. Learn how to catch a mouse without relying on traps and discover humane ways of dealing with rodents in your home. In our expert guide, we show you what baits and traps work best—and which ones are useless! Do-it-yourself methods will help remove mice fast, while keeping unwanted critters away from your family.

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