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How to Build a Digital Marketing Plan: Everything You Need to Know

It’s hard to make a name for yourself if you aren’t online these days. Much of people’s attention has moved to internet content, which means you need a presence online to advertise your products and make sales.

And when 86% of marketers say they can increase brand visibility using digital marketing, there’s no denying the benefit of advertising online.

Are you getting ready to build a digital marketing plan and want some tips to help? Follow the guide below to build a digital marketing strategy that works.

Define Your Audience

The first digital marketing plan element you need to get right is your target audience. Without a defined audience, it’s hard to determine who will resonate with your marketing and buy your products.

An audience persona will tell you everything you should know about your target customer. This information will help you create targeted ads and pick the platforms that offer the most opportunity.

Pick a Platform

Not every online platform will meet the needs of your business. Your target customers may not browse every platform, and those who do may not be interested in buying products.

Since you know some about your target customers, you should be able to determine which platforms they hang out on. Set up accounts on those websites to set up your first marketing campaigns.

Examine Your Competition

Knowing who your competition is online is vital. Yes, you can get by without paying attention to other companies. However, you’ll miss out on the information you gain by seeing what others do to advertise.

Make a list of your competition and find a way to monitor their online campaigns. Look for long-lasting campaigns that appear to have traction and use them as inspiration for your own advertising.

Set an Ad Budget

The next thing to consider for your marketing campaign is the budget. If you’re going for an organic traffic play, you only have the cost of content creation. But paid ads are a different story.

Whether it’s PPC or social media marketing, set a digital marketing budget and stick to it. Start small initially while you figure out what works. You can scale your budget once you have profitable campaigns and see a good return on investment.

Test and Refine

Although you can get great results early in digital marketing, that’s only the start. The chances are good that you have many inefficiencies with your campaigns. That’s why you must collect data to see which of your efforts work best.

Take your marketing successes and refine those campaigns. You can make small changes to see what increases your return. Focus on small, iterative improvements until you maximize your ROI.

This can be a complex process, so think about hiring digital marketing services to help with this process.

Build a Digital Marketing Plan Today

Although there is a ton of opportunity on the internet to grow a business, you won’t get far without a plan. You’ll just waste time and money on things that don’t work.

But when you build a digital marketing plan using the advice above, you’ll be a step above the rest. Create your strategy today to start marketing businesses online.

Are you looking for more SEO and digital marketing advice to help you grow your brand? Check out the latest marketing tactics on the blog.

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