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How Much Does Certified Mail Cost in 2023?

Digital communication might be the de facto standard nowadays. But there is still a timeless entity that remains irreplaceable – the postal mail. Certified Mail continues to provide millions of Americans with a trusted and verifiable mailing service.

In this article, we’ll clearly outline the Certified Mail cost. We’ll explain some additional options and ways to save money.

What Is Certified Mail?

Certified Mail is a service the US Postal Service (USPS) offers. It’s a special standard of mailing that provides a sender with a receipt when they mail their item.

It’s more secure, as the receipt acts as proof if the mail doesn’t reach the recipient. Nowadays, it also comes with electronic verification. That provides helpful information, such as whether there was an attempt to deliver it.

When Do You Need USPS Certified Mail?

There is no rigid rule about when to use Certified Mail. It depends on the needs of the sender.

But generally, a sender will use it for important items that need proof of mailing. That might include sensitive documents such as legal paperwork or personal identification.

It’s a service favored for business mailing too. It’s often used for confidential documents or important contracts. Certified Mail is also a good choice if there are legal implications for non-delivery. For example, if someone fails to receive their passport in the mail.

Certified Mail Cost: the Basics

Certified Mail has no single cost because it depends on weight and size. The calculation takes a base price for the Certified Mail and then adds the extra costs for large or heavy items.

The base price combines a standard postage price plus the Certified Mail fee. Up until recently, the base price for Certified Mail was $4.15. But in July, that figure rises to $4.35.

Certified Mail Price for Additional Services

You can purchase additional services for an added fee when you buy Certified Mail. This includes Return Receipts. With a Return receipt, you get proof of the delivery with the recipient’s signature.

You can also pay for an electronic Return Receipt to check certified mail status. This is priced at $3.35 and rises to $3.55 in July 2023. You can also order Restricted Delivery, which starts at $10.80.

Future Price Predictions

Historically, USPS has increased its prices in line with economic factors. For example, high inflation could suggest a further price rise. But always check for the latest prices before arranging a mailing.

High operational costs are also a factor in the pricing, and generally, that means prices going up rather than down.

Can You Save Money on Certified Mail Rates?

You can save money on Certified Mail by planning and arranging shipments carefully. For example, you can look at ways to reduce weight and dimension with clever packaging. And you can remove additional services to keep the costs down unless needed.

Trusted Mail Delivery

Certified Mail is a trusted friend for all of us at one point or another. Its dependable nature means we can send important documents hundreds of miles away and not worry about whether they will reach their destination.

Keep this guide handy to know the Certified Mail cost the next time you post your mail. And remember to check out our other helpful guides. 

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