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How many bones has jackie chan broken

Jackie Chan has broken his bones so many times that he doesn’t even know how many times he has actually broken a bone or been hurt in some other way! He even has his own hospital where he can fix his injuries himself! What is the maximum number of bones any person can break? I don’t think anyone knows the exact number, but here are several celebrities who have broken more than 20 bones during their lifetime.

The surprising answer to how many bones has jackie chan broken

We all know Jackie Chan is a talented martial artist and actor. He’s famous for his stunts, which often involve him getting hit, kicked, or thrown around. So it’s no surprise that he’s broken a few bones in his career. But how many? In a recent interview with Metro News, Jackie said I have my fingers crossed more than six.

This means the answer to the question of how many bones has jackie chan broken is six! It may not seem like much but when you think about all the stunts Jackie does, this number seems very high. It doesn’t help that there are some injuries he’s had on set that never made it into the final cut. For example, in 2017 Jackies costar Jason Statham said on The Graham Norton Show that Jackies foot was crushed during filming by a car weighing 300 pounds (136 kg). His foot was pinned beneath the engine block and then they flipped the car over on top of him because they wanted to do something really dramatic – like an action movie. Apparently Jackie didnt realize what happened until someone told him what had happened!

The some stunts that have broken his bones

Jackie Chan is no stranger to pain. The action star has been injured countless times while performing his own stunts, and has even broken bones on several occasions. Here are 27 of the most notable times Chan has put his body on the line for his art.

  1. In 1972, Chan broke his sternum while filming a fight scene for the movie ‘Hand of Death.’
  2. He also broke his nose while filming ‘Hand of Death.’
  3. Chan once again broke his nose, this time while filming ‘Drunken Master.’
  4. He dislocated his shoulder while filming a fight scene for ‘The Young Master.’
  5. Chan broke two ribs while filming a fight scene with Ken Lo in ‘ Armour of God.’
  6. Chan suffered another rib injury while filming the finale battle scenes in ‘Rumble in the Bronx.’
  7. While working on CZ12, he shattered one of his vertebrae after doing a backflip over 6 buses, which led him to wear a neck brace during filming.
  8. While promoting Police Story 2013 in Cannes, France, he fractured his skull after falling from an inflatable ball at a photo shoot.
  9. In 2000’s Rush Hour, Chan slammed into a glass window and cut open his forehead so badly that he required stitches.

How many bones has Jackie Chan broken over the years?

This martial arts superstar is known for his death-defying stunts and gravity-defying fighting scenes. But Jackie Chan is also known for something else: breaking a lot of bones. In fact, Chan has broken nearly every bone in his body over the course of his career. He’s even been injured while making movies. He broke both arms and legs filming Police Story in 1984.

It’s not just physical injuries that have caused him to visit the hospital, though. A poor diet can have serious effects on health, and Chan found this out firsthand when he was rushed to a hospital after developing acute pancreatitis from drinking too much alcohol on an empty stomach in 2001.

Jackie Chan still performs his own stunts at age 59; he’s doing everything from leaping off buildings to being buried alive by an avalanche of snow (see video below). But maybe it’s time for him to take things down a notch!

Jackie Chan’s Accident

In 1976, Jackie Chan had a severe accident while filming a movie in Hong Kong. He fell 40 feet from a tree and landed on his concrete floor, shattering his skull. He was rushed to the hospital and had to have brain surgery. Chan spent months in the hospital recovering from his injuries. Today, he is healthy and still making movies! But now, he does everything by himself-no stunt doubles! His most recent project was called Kung Fu Yoga. The film is about Jackie’s life as an archeologist who discovers ancient scrolls that show him the ways of Chinese kung fu. Jackie felt it was important for him to make this film because it helps preserve Chinese culture. The film also stars Hollywood actors like Amy Adams and Akshay Kumar, as well as Chinese stars like Tony Leung Chiu Wai. The crew filmed around Beijing, Shanghai, India, Italy and China’s Yunnan province over a span of six months.

How Jackie Chan’s body is different to our usual body

Jackie Chan’s body is different to our usual body in several ways. For one, he has a higher pain threshold. This is because he’s broken so many bones over the course of his career that his body has become used to the pain. Additionally, Chan’s bones are denser and stronger than average, meaning they’re less likely to break in the first place. He also recovery from injuries faster than most people due to his intense training regime. All of these factors combine to make Jackie Chan one of the most physically resilient people on the planet. And with all those action movies under his belt, it’s no wonder he was made an honorary member of the London Fire Brigade.


To date, Jackie Chan has broken over 100 bones in his career. This is due to the highly physical nature of his work, performing most of his own stunts. Chan is no stranger to pain, and has even joked about it in interviews. Despite all the injuries he’s sustained, he remains one of the most beloved action stars in the world. There’s a reason he’s known as The Dragon.

 In 1978, after filming Game of Death, which was expected to be his breakthrough film and make him an international star, Chan had a bad car accident that left him with severe spinal damage. He would never again be able to do the things that made him famous. But instead of giving up, Chan did something totally different: He became a successful actor and movie producer in Hong Kong; then returned to Hollywood 20 years later to resume making movies there.

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