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How Long Does Being Drunk Last? Facts About Alcohol

If you’ve ever been drunk, you’ve likely wondered, “How long does being drunk last?” While that answer is different for everybody, there is a way to gauge by learning a few things about alcohol.

Several factors affect how long you will stay drunk. Awareness of the facts and associated duration of an alcohol buzz is essential to understanding the impact of drinking on your health and safety.

Learn the answers to this popular question and more in this post.

Amount of Alcohol Consumed

The more alcohol consumed, the longer it takes to sober up. Higher amounts of liquor take longer to break down, making you feel drunk for longer. Usually, your body can process one drink per hour, so the more drinks consumed, the more prolonged your drunken state will be.

People who are abusing alcohol are in a constant state of drunkenness because of their heavy alcohol intake. This leads to poor mental functions and being prone to accidents. Fortunately, there are institutions, like on this homepage, that can help them reduce their alcohol consumption.

Alcohol Concentration

Different alcoholic beverages have varying alcohol content, such as beer, wine, or spirits. Drinks with higher alcohol concentrations, like spirits or liquors, can result in more pronounced and longer-lasting effects.

The amount of water you drink with alcohol or as part of your cocktail can lower the amount of alcohol in your blood. However, it will still take you an hour to get rid of 20 mg of alcohol.

Body Weight and Composition

Larger, heavier people usually take longer to metabolize alcohol, whereas lighter people process it faster. Aside from body composition, muscle tissue and fat amount affects how quickly alcohol leaves the bloodstream.

Generally, those with greater muscle mass can break down alcohol faster because more water dilutes it. Conversely, individuals with higher body fat may take longer to sober up as alcohol is absorbed in fat cells.


Alcohol tolerance has to do with how well the body can handle booze and can affect how long a person can stay drunk. It is possible to build up your tolerance to alcohol by drinking more.

However, this option is unsuitable for your health as it can lead to alcohol addiction. It is important to know that even a person with a high tolerance level will feel the effects of drinking alcohol for a few hours.

Hydration and Food Intake

Alcohol has a diuretic effect, so it can quickly dehydrate you if consumed without taking measures to mitigate this issue. Drinking plenty of hydrating fluids such as water or juice while drinking is essential to prevent hangover symptoms.

Adding food into the mix is also beneficial for counteracting the effects of alcohol. Eating before, during, or after a drinking period can help slow alcohol absorption and reduce the adverse effects of being drunk.

Learning More on How Long Does Being Drunk Last

If you ask, “How long does being drunk last?” the answer is different for everyone because the duration depends on many factors. Drinking in moderation is the most responsible approach and can help you enjoy occasions without suffering lasting consequences.

Remember to drink responsibly and limit your intake. If you or someone you know needs help with alcohol addiction problems, don’t hesitate to ask for an expert’s help.

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