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Here’s What to Expect From Life After Cervical Disc Replacement

Dealing with neck pain was a problem you never thought you’d have to face. However, as your life becomes busier and more stressful, your neck issues just keep getting worse. Nothing you do seems to help.

You’ve considered alternatives to treating the pain, but you still don’t want to undergo traditional neck surgery. If this sounds like your story, you may have heard of a procedure called cervical disc replacement surgery.

If you’re wondering what will be the life after cervical disc replacement. Keep reading to find out all the great benefits this surgery can give you.

Decreased Pain

The good news is, life after cervical disc replacement is likely to involve less pain. This is because the replacement of the cervical disc helps to relieve pressure on the affected parts of the spine, as well as reduce pain and flexibility.

It is important to note that while the procedure is very effective in alleviating pain. It can take several weeks for the full effect to be felt. However, the majority of patients who have undergone a cervical disc replacement feel a significant decrease in their pain within a few days of the surgery.

It is also common for patients to experience less frequent flare-ups of neck pain over time as their condition becomes better managed. With the help of Spine Center Atlanta, you can reduce your pain and experience positive changes in life after cervical disc replacement.

Increased Mobility

Life after cervical disc replacement typically yields great results. Increased mobility is one of the major benefits of this procedure. Cervical disc replacement offers a stable spine and improved range of motion without the need for a fusion.

Patients can expect to find that they can easily move their necks without stiffness or pain. Additionally, they will feel improved arm and shoulder strength and range of motion. Depending on the patient’s age and current condition, it is possible to regain full control of body movements.

Patients may find that they can exercise or do activities that they may have felt were off-limits beforehand. Recovery times and full mobility results vary from patient to patient. But many reported that their condition much improved shortly after the surgery.

Shorter Recovery Time

Cervical disc replacement is a life-changing procedure for patients with disc-related neck pain. With this procedure, patients can look forward to a variety of benefits, including a shorter recovery time.

This is because artificial disc replacement requires less post-surgery rehabilitation than a traditional cervical fusion. With the artificial disc, patients can expect to return to normal activities within a few weeks, compared to weeks for fusion surgery.

Additionally, patients do not have to worry about any hardware in their body once they have healed, reducing the risks and worries of neck pain. Furthermore, a shorter recovery time allows for a quicker return to full function, a bonus not always featured with a fusion procedure.

Return to Activities

After cervical disc replacement, it is important to take the time to allow your body to fully recover. Depending on your recovery, you may be able to return to activities such as:

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

Further strenuous activities such as singles tennis, heavy weight lifting, and contact sports can be resumed after three to six months, as determined by your healthcare provider.

Generally, you should expect to be able to gradually build up to your pre-surgery fitness levels. While I understand that your fusion may limit certain movements and activities.

It is important to start slowly, increasing the number of days and intensity of activities as tolerated. While consulting with your physician to ensure that you regain the proper strength and range of motion.

Improved Quality of Life

Cervical disc replacement is a minimally invasive procedure designed to replace a damaged intervertebral disc in the neck. After the surgery, you can expect to experience a significant reduction in pain. Additionally, you may notice including improved:

  • balance
  • coordination
  • strength

Most importantly, however, you can expect an increase in your level of daily activity. In addition to improved physical well-being, you may also encounter an emotional lift.

This could come in the form of less anxiety and fear that you will no longer be weighed down by pain. Life after a disc replacement is about feeling empowered to take on all of life’s activities with the assurance of improved quality of life.

Ability to Remain Active

Cervical disc replacement has been a game changer in the way we think about caring for our bodies and managing chronic pain. After receiving a cervical disc replacement, one can expect to have an improved ability to remain active.

Pain and discomfort associated with cervical disc replacement can be significantly reduced. In addition, one can expect to have a greater range of motion in the neck and shoulders, and improved endurance and strength.

With regular exercise and mindful movements, one can certainly expect to remain active and enjoy life much more. This is why more and more patients choose to undergo cervical disc replacement. To live pain-free and get back to the healthy lifestyle they love.

Introduction to Life After Cervical Disc Replacement

Cervical disc replacement is a life-changing procedure. While it takes time to fully recover, patients can expect long-term relief from pain and improved quality of life after cervical disc replacement. Regular therapist-guided exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help maintain outcomes and range of motion. If you have Cervical Disc Disease, consider discussing replacements with your physician to improve your quality of life.

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