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Does Medicare Cover Diabetic Supplies?

No one expects to get diabetes. You can develop it at any age; either type of illness can strike. As if battling diabetes weren’t tricky enough, the price of its associated supplies can make life even harder.

However, you may be excited to learn that Medicare covers certain supplies. Keep reading this guide to answer the question, does Medicare cover diabetic supplies? Learn how the program can cover the cost of the vast inventory of diabetic supplies.

Understanding the Cost of Diabetic Supplies

You can break down the cost of supplies into two categories—the cost of acquiring and using the supplies. The cost of acquiring supplies may include a doctor’s prescription and administrative fees associated with shipping. Also included is the cost of diabetes equipment like blood glucose meters, syringes, or test strips.

The cost of using supplies may consist of the cost of electricity for operating supplies, the cost of insurance, or copayments. It can also include extra fees related to the disposal or disposal of used supplies. Medicare covers diabetes supplies when prescribed by a doctor.

Furthermore, the supplies must be necessary and must have a prescription ongoing. Understand the total cost of diabetic supplies. It can help people determine if Medicare covers their supplies. 

How Medicare Covers Diabetes Supplies

Medicare program provides coverage for necessary diabetes supplies and services. Many people who have Medicare Part B and Diabetes may have coverage. It is for test strips, lancets, and blood sugar monitors.

They also cover certain other diabetes-related supplies and services. It can be helpful for those who have to pay out of pocket for these services and supplies.

Coverage under Part B includes physician’s services, laboratory tests, insulin, and drugs. It also covers medical equipment used to check and control blood sugar levels. 

Eligibility Requirements

Medicare CGM requirements to cover diabetic supplies consist of many components. First, beneficiaries must have diabetes mellitus.

They must use insulin to meet Medicare’s conditions of coverage. Next, beneficiaries must have a valid prescription from their treating physician.

Finally, beneficiaries must be part of a Medicare-recognized continuous glucose monitoring program. It is where Medicare approves all supplies.

All covered supplies must pass through a qualified supplier to be eligible. They must also adhere to the “Diabetes Supply Payment Policy.” It outlines pricing criteria and medical necessity criteria.

Additionally, managing the condition must be according to established clinical standards. Please do so to avoid disqualified coverage and denied claims.

As such, it is vital to understand the Medicare CGM requirements 2023. It, too, ensures eligibility and scope of supplies for diabetics. 

Finding the Answers to: How Does Medicare Cover Diabetic Supplies?

Does Medicare cover diabetic supplies? Yes, Medicare does cover certain diabetic supplies and treatments such as insulin, glucometers, and cholesterol tests to ensure diabetic patients stay healthy. If you are curious about coverage, contact your provider or visit medicare.gov today to find out what plan best suits your needs.

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