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Cub Scout Patches Placement: The Beginners Guide

Becoming a cub scout is a great experience for any young boy. These youth organizations teach boys valuable life lessons and earn them patches, badges, and awards.

As parents or scout leaders, you’ve probably seen the patches your cub scout earns. But you might be wondering, “Where do the cub scout patches go?” With a little guidance, you can easily learn how to properly display your patches on your Cub Scout uniform.

This article will cover the cub scout patch placement, along with its symbolic significance. Keep reading to learn more.

Left Sleeve

Let’s start with the left sleeve. The council shoulder patch (CSP) should be placed near the top of the left sleeve, just below the shoulder seam. Additional patches should be placed under each other so they are visible.

Right Sleeve

The American flag patch should be placed near the top of the right sleeve, just below the shoulder seam. Patches for the highest rank achieved can be placed on the right sleeve. It can be placed in the following order: den number, rank patch, or any scouting patches.

Left Pocket

The Cub Scout World Crest Emblem should be placed centered above the left pocket. The bottom edge of the emblem should be level with the top of the pocket. No overlapping is allowed, and patches should never cover the World Crest patch.

Right Pocket

The Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Emblem should be placed centered on the right pocket. It should be positioned so that the bottom edge of the patch is level with the top of the pocket. If the scout has several outdoor activity patches, they should be arranged in rows and columns from top to bottom.

Temporary Patches

When scouting-related activities take place outside of traditional meetings and activities, temporary patches can commemorate the event in an informal way. Temporary patches, such as event patches or participation patches, can be displayed on the right pocket flap or on a patch vest or blanket. They are not usually sewn directly onto the uniform shirt.

Other Special Patches

Other special patches have different criteria and should be placed in a special place of honor. Depending on the patch, other special patches can include patches from camps, high-ranking scouting individuals, or patches from special programs. These should be placed below the award badges and above all other patches.

The placement of special patches is important for cub scouts.  Scouting is a respected program, and it is important that other special patches are placed in a location that shows honor and respect.

An Easy Guide to Cub Scout Patches Placement

Cub Scout patches are an important part of the uniform that reflects the accomplishments of the members. Following this beginners guide to cub scout patches placement will allow scouts to proudly display their achievements.

Remember to follow any specific guidelines or instructions provided by your Cub Scout pack or council regarding patch placement. It’s always a good idea to consult your den leader or a knowledgeable adult for assistance if you’re unsure about patch placement.

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