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Can Full moon Cause Migraines?

It’s true that the full moon might have some strange effects on people – and perhaps even cause migraines in some cases. However, if you really want to know whether the full moon causes migraines, you’ll first need to understand what migraines are and how they can be caused. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon and see if it passes scientific muster or not. It may be the popular belief that there’s a full moon every month, but it’s actually not true. So, what causes migraines if it’s not the full moon? For one thing, researchers don’t know exactly why people suffer from migraines, and experts are still studying the condition. While we aren’t sure of all of the causes just yet, there are some things you can try to minimize your migraines or even prevent them entirely.

Full Moon and Migraines

Is the Full Moon a risk factor for getting migraines? It could be, but it all depends on your unique situation. The Full Moon has been linked to an increase in many different types of seizures, including epileptic and catamenial (menstrual) seizures. Seizures are a known trigger for migraine headaches, so the theory is that the Full Moons can cause more frequent or severe headaches in people who already get them. But there’s not enough evidence to say for sure that this is true. If you know you’re susceptible to getting migraines around the time of a Full Moon – or any other time of month – it might be worth talking with your doctor about whether there are any strategies you can use to help prevent them. For instance, your doctor may suggest taking medications like beta-blockers or calcium channel blockers to help ward off symptoms.

Does the full moon affect migraines?

Migraines are a type of headache that can be debilitating. You can’t always control when they happen, but there are things you can do to help prevent or lessen their severity. One of the most popular theories about what causes them is changes in serotonin levels due to the lunar cycle. It’s not clear if this really has an effect, but there are enough people who claim it does that it’s worth looking into! If nothing else, it might be interesting to see if your headaches tend to coincide with certain phases of the moon. For example, the first day of each month (known as the dark moon) is often associated with headaches and bad moods. The opposite is true for the full moon – some people find that it’s a time when everything seems to go more smoothly. There may also be a connection between women and menstrual cycles and whether or not they’re regular- irregular periods seem to come at different times every month during those two weeks before and after the full moon. Menstrual pain also increases during these days, although it returns to normal shortly afterwards. No one knows exactly why any of these connections exist; many people think they’re just coincidences. Whether or not the answer is found someday, though, being aware of the connection could provide extra incentive to get through difficult patches without taking painkillers unnecessarily.

Side effects of full moon on health

Some people believe that the full moon can affect our health. It is said to increase instances of both physical and mental illnesses. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. One study suggests that women are more likely to experience migraine headaches at or near the time of ovulation, which coincides with the phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle as well as the lunar cycle. There is no evidence to support this theory either; it has only been observed anecdotally. More studies need to be conducted in order for any strong correlation between moon cycles and health to be determined. There have also been theories linking solar eclipses to health events like strokes and heart attacks. Again, studies are needed before correlations can be made. 

As such, it is difficult to make a definitive answer about whether the moon phase affects your health or not. But some experts say that if you want to feel better, avoiding heavy meals during new moons might help!

Can a new moon cause a migraine?

As a migraine sufferer, I can tell you that the answer is not that simple. Unlike a new moon, there’s no hard and fast rule as to when to expect a headache. Studies have shown that an increase in migraines does occur during the full moon or other phases of the lunar cycle, but it’s unclear if this is due to environmental factors like light pollution or because our sleep patterns are interrupted. It could also be due to stress levels rising during these periods. Anecdotal evidence also points to some people being more prone to headaches than others on certain days of the month. The theory here is that women’s menstrual cycles may play a role. Researchers from the University of New Mexico found that women with high estrogen levels were significantly more likely to report increased migraine frequency around ovulation and menstruation compared with women with lower estrogen levels. Again, while correlations exist, we don’t know for sure what causes them or how they work together. What we do know is that most individuals don’t have any clear associations between their migraines and any time of day or date; so take your medication accordingly and talk to your doctor about changes in your routine which might be causing flare-ups!


People seem to think that the new moon causes a migraine. The idea is that since there is not as much light from the new moon, your brain gets tricked into thinking it is night time which can trigger a migraine. However, this theory doesn’t account for people who have migraines with a regular frequency. There are other things that can trigger a migraine including: stress, fatigue, and hunger. If you are having trouble sleeping because of the pain of a headache, try taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen before bedtime and see if it helps you sleep better. You should also make sure you’re getting enough restful sleep. Try reading in dimmer light instead of bright lights at night or use an eye mask to block out any lights.

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