About Us

The Updated Journal is an online magazine that covers Business & Finance, Digital Marketing, Technology, Travel, Health and Fitness, and a variety of other topics.

Subhan Saeed created this site; he opposes every form of manipulation, imprudent, or deception that may lead to the misdirection of readers. This website states their perspective on the contents that have been published and is prepared to support it. This website also endeavors to respond fast to any events that occur on the globe and to provide the reader with the latest information about them.

He wants to provide reliable knowledge to everyone. Marketers, Directors, Information Technology professionals, Business project owners, the general public, Designers, and persons in a variety of other sectors read articles from this website, which require a creative mindset and continuous self-improvement.

The following criteria guide us while delivering information to the intended audience: relevancy, interest, practicality, quality, expertise, and integrity. We want to be successful and valuable for every reader who wishes to stay with us for an extended period of time, not to get a large number of readers.

Our Goals

The primary aim of Subhan Saeed is to search, choose, evaluate, and communicate important knowledge and ideas to visitors that they can put into practice and bring to life. Keep your focus on the rhythm of your heart and stay informed about the newest global events and breakthroughs in commerce, finance, and Networking technologies on your own. Share your expertise and experience, with your own and those of a hi-flier person in a specific field. To motivate you to reach your objectives and be encouraged by your success. Your input is extremely useful and crucial for this website.

About Subhan Saeed

Subhan Saeed is the founder of this website. He is an expert in technology, digital marketing, business & finance, and other fields. Subhan Saeed is passionate about providing reliable and quality information to his readers. 

He has a truly skilled staff that works hard to produce honest and dependable knowledge for the visitors of Updated Journal.