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7 Signs Your Loved One May Have a Drug Addiction

When you pay attention to the numerous warning signs of drug addiction and take the necessary action, you can save a life and prevent more damage.

Excessive drug use without noticeable signs of withdrawal can lead to a state of addiction. An addict may manipulate others around them to obtain their drug of choice or use hidden drugs or supplements to avoid withdrawal.

If you’re noticing these signs of drug addiction in someone close to you, taking the matter into your own hands will help them seek treatment.

Read on to learn more about the importance of knowing these drug addiction signs and how to get them the help they need.

1. Being Secretive or Evasive

Being secretive or evasive can be a sign of drug addiction. An addicted individual may be extremely evasive when questioned about their whereabouts, group of friends, or spending habits.

An addicted individual may also become increasingly isolated and only socialize with their drug-using peers, leading to them being secretive and not wanting to involve family or other outside parties.

Additionally, they may dodge or avoid questions that are posed to them, making it seem like they are not taking the conversation seriously. Finally, an addict may be fearful or paranoid that someone is trying to “invade their privacy,” and that is why they become secretive and evasive.

2. Lying Frequently

Lying frequently is one of the most common signs of drug addiction you should not ignore. Long-time substance abusers will often tell lies in order to hide their addiction or to cover up the consequences of their drug use, such as financial woes or legal issues.

They may even manipulate the truth or use half-truths in the process. An addict may also lie about their whereabouts or who they’ve been with or make up stories about how they got the substance they are using.

In extreme cases, someone addicted to drugs may even lie about who they are. It’s important to confront the individual about any falsehoods they may tell and to find a way to get them into substance abuse treatment, as lying is an indicator that the addiction has gone too far.

3. Mood Swings

Signs your loved one may have a drug addiction mood swings can include rapid shifts in emotions, irrational reactions to small matters, and extreme irritability. If the person is exhibiting changes in their behavior, such as sudden bursts of rage, they may be struggling with underlying drug addiction and attempting to cope with their emotions.

Furthermore, someone with a drug addiction is more likely to quickly become disinterested in activities they once enjoyed or events or experiences. They may also appear to retreat from friends and family, preferring to isolate themselves.

4. Stealing

Addiction to drugs can lead to unpredictable behaviors, and stealing is one of the most common signs that a person has an addiction. Stealing may be in the form of taking things without permission from friends and family members, or it could involve stealing from stores and other places.

It’s important to understand that for some people, stealing is a form of self-medication, a way to attain the drugs necessary for their addiction. If your loved one is stealing, they should be assessed for addiction, particularly if the behavior doesn’t match their typical behavior.

5. Fluctuations in Weight

Fluctuations in weight are one of the signs of drug addiction you shouldn’t ignore. Any sudden changes in body weight can indicate a potential substance abuse issue. People can lose or gain drastic amounts of weight very quickly due to abusing drugs.

Drug use can affect appetite or alter a person’s metabolism, among other effects. People can also become so absorbed in their substance use that they neglect healthy eating habits and regular physical activity.

Similarly, people may turn to food as a substitute for drugs in order to help them deal with cravings. It is important to be attentive to the signs that suggest a person might be using drugs or abusing substances, such as unexpected fluctuations in weight.

6. Attitude and Appearance Changes

Drug addiction can significantly impact an individual’s attitude and appearance. Primarily, a sudden change of attitude should be considered a sign of potential drug addiction. This may include an individual becoming more secretive or agitated, depressed, and uninterested in day-to-day activities.

An obvious sign to recognize is physical changes. This could range from sudden weight loss/gain to constantly looking tired or sleepy and possibly exhibiting a thinner, aged look.

In addition, signs of drug abuse may be visible on the person’s skin or body, such as needle marks, which could indicate intravenous drug use. 

7. Loss of Interest in Things They Used to Enjoy

Signs your loved one may have a drug addiction can be difficult to identify, however, one of the most noticeable and concerning signs is a sudden, unexplained loss of interest in activities and things they used to enjoy. This may include hobbies that they are passionate about, activities with friends or family, or generally just day-to-day routines.

When a person struggles with a substance abuse disorder, they usually become less interested in things that don’t involve their drug of choice and put their drug use as the top priority. Also, if a person with a drug addiction stops attending social gatherings, it is important to explore and uncover the source of the change in behavior. 

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Explore About Signs of Drug Addiction

If you or someone you love may be battling drug addiction, it is critical to be aware of the signs so you can get the help they need. Taking the time to explore the different signs of drug addiction may make all the difference in providing a healthier, happier life for your loved one.

If you believe your loved one may have an issue with drugs, seek help from a health professional today.

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