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7 Reasons to Invest in a Full Service Storage Unit

A self-storage unit is a great and affordable way to store your belongings if you’re leaving the province and want to sell your excess stuff. But is a full-service storage unit better, and do you even need one?

We can confirm that you need full service storage, and here’s why.

1. Home Renovation

If you’re in the middle of a home renovation, a full-service storage unit is a great way to store all your extra belongings safely. Not only will it keep your items safe and secure, but it can save you time, money, and in some cases, peace of mind.

Items like furniture, large appliances, clothing, and more can be stored away while completing your remodel. There are even options available that offer transportation services to move heavy items into storage. Keeping your things in a secure facility can give you more room to work and less to worry about.

When you’re done with your storage needs, you can easily move your items out and back into your home. Investing in a full-service storage unit for home renovation will save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

2. Moving to a New House

When relocating, it can be difficult to fit all your belongings into the new house. A storage unit allows extra items to be kept safe for future use. The unit can also store items that need to be donated or sold.

Additionally, valuables can be placed in a secure storage unit, keeping them safe from theft or damage while you’re gone. Unlike in-home storage, full-service storage serviceprotects from the elements and unwanted guests. The variety of sizes available makes it easy to fit your belongings, no matter their size, while keeping your costs minimal.

3. Free Up Space at Home

This can give you the extra space to store seasonal items you don’t need in the house, move bulky furniture that gets in the way, keep family heirlooms, and store items that are only used on occasion. Full-service storage units offer convenience with access to the unit at all times so you can drop off or collect your items when it suits you.

In addition, they’ll provide insurance coverage and regular pest control to stop unwanted visitors. Investing in a full-service storage unit is a smart choice for the long term to help you free up valuable space at home while ensuring quality security measures are taken care of.

4. Business Inventory

Business owners often invest in a full-service storage unit to help them better manage their inventory. A full-service storage unit enables you to easily store and access your inventory on-site without leaving the premises. This convenience and flexibility are a big plus for business owners who may be short on space and need to move quickly.

Additionally, full-service storage units provide enhanced security for your items, allowing you to trust that your investment is safe from theft or damage. The units also help business owners maximize their space because they can store multiple items in a safe and secure environment.

Businesses also benefit from the cost-effectiveness of full-service storage units, as they are often more affordable than renting a larger space at a warehouse or similar facility. Finally, a full-service storage unit offers business owners the convenience of storing all their inventory and is accessible in one convenient area.

5. A Growing Family

A growing family has many needs, and one of them is often storage space. Investing in a full-service storage unit is a great way to ensure your family has enough space to store the many items it needs. This will provide additional storage space for valuable items and the safety and security of knowing that all of your family’s items are safely kept offsite.

In addition, having a storage unit is more convenient because it often requires less time and effort to access the items stored inside. This can save families time and money while allowing them to access their items via phone.

6. Storing a Loved One’s Belongings

Getting storage services is an ideal solution for those looking to store a loved one’s belongings. Full-service storage units provide reliable and secure storage of items in an easily accessible environment. Additionally, many storage units are climate-controlled, allowing for greater preservation of items in the unit and reducing the risk of deterioration.

Furthermore, the staff at storage services tend to be more knowledgeable about packing and storage techniques, which can greatly help those working to move a loved one’s belongings. Finally, most full-service storage units offer additional amenities such as insurance and packing supplies.

7. Keep Vehicle Safe during Off Season

With a full-service unit, your car or truck will be kept secure from any potential damage from extreme weather, vandalism, theft, or other potential harm. In addition, many full-service units have additional features like climate-controlled humidity levels to protect your vehicle in any weather.

Additionally, having your vehicle in a storage unit during the off-season allows you to have peace of mind that your car is safe and secure. With a full-service storage unit, you don’t have to worry about protecting your vehicle while away. Security of your car is of the utmost importance, and investing in a storage unit provides that security.

Full Service Storage for Your Needs

Full service storage units offer an affordable, secure, and convenient solution for your extra storage needs. You have control over how easily accessed your items can be and the security and convenience of knowing your stuff are being looked after. If you’re looking for an ideal long-term storage solution, investing in a full-service storage unit is the way to go. +

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